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Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 15&16

Jacob: Chapter 15 Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

"Two weeks to a day, the days flying by. Her life speeding by in fast-forward. How many days did that give her if she was counting to forty? Four? It took me a minute to figure out how to swallow." - Jacob Black

Jake and his renegade pack are paving the way to make sure the Cullens can leave safely to go out for a hunting trip. Jake notices that Leah's hostility, which is usually directed toward him, is more so directed to the Cullens and Bella. She is not very happy to be protecting vampires. And of course she is still refusing to accept the Cullens hospitable gestures.

The pack starts discussing why the Cullens haven't left town yet. It would make sense for them to jet before Sam and his pack attacks but Carlisle doesn't want to move Bella in her condition, afraid it may do more harm than good. So for now Jake and his pack will stand by and protect them for as long as they need to.

Bella is doing better since she fed the "thristy" thing inside of her, but the baby is running out of room inside of her. It is simply too much for her body to handle. It is breaking her ribs and making it uncomfortable for her but she is still hell bent on keeping this baby. And of course Rosalie is there backing her up the whole way, totally pissing Edward off.

Seth informs Jake that Bella has been talking to Charlie and telling him she is on the way to recovery and Jake thinks this is a horrible idea. He thinks they are setting Charlie up to have a harder fall when Bella just up and disappears, if she even makes it through this mess that is.

When Jake gets back to the Cullen house Bella is once again ecstatic to see him. Bella is a little chilly so Jake provides himself as a heating blanket and keeps her warm. While they were all sitting around Bella, Alice suggests that Rosalie makes Jake something to eat. When she brings him back his food, she has placed it in a silver bowl where she scratched "Fido" on the side. Once Jacob finishes his food...he chucks the bowl and smacks her right in the head with it.

Bella tells Jake that the baby should be coming in a very short time and he can't help but get worried at the thought and he turns to Edward who is the burning man once again. Jake 'is trying to figure out why the pull was so strong to Bella right now. He just couldn't leave her side. Why was that?

Finally Jake gets the courage to ask Bella why she needs him around so much. She tells him that he is one of her most favorite people. She explains that somehow the two of them got out of balance and go off track. She said that she did something wrong. It was her fault.

After Bella dozes off Edward and Jake have a talk and Edward explains Bella's motives to talking to Charlie. She wants to keep him in her life even after she is a vampire. She wants to keep her family if she can. Then Edward and Carlisle explain the process of how these kinds of babies were often born. They use their own teeth to escape from the womb. Whoa!

Chapter 16 Too-Much-Information Alert

"Am I less annoying than Paul now?


Ahhh sweet success.

Congrats." - Jacob Black & Leah Clearwater

The pack is doing a sweep to make sure its safe for the Cullens to go hunt and while they are out on patrol Leah confesses to Jake that she is happier being apart of his pack than being with Sam's. She wants to stay with him. Then they bond over a wolfy hunt :)

She also opens up to Jake about being a genetic dead. She will not have babies and have a family. Leah is certain this is why Sam didn't imprint on her. Her heart is broken. She tells him she wants to imprint and he tells her she is crazy, that it is just another way of losing control of yourself and your actions.

Jake heads back to the Cullen house to give them the go to leave for their hunt. When he gets there Bella is upstairs and Alice tells him its another break. This time it was her pelvis. Everyone comes back downstairs and in the midst of Jacob and Rosalie's normal bickering...Edward hears something.

Not just a normal sound...but someone's thoughts. Edward can hear the baby's thoughts! He first thinks that he is finally able to hear Bella's thoughts but then he realizes its the baby. The baby likes the sound of Bella's voice and Edwards!

Bella starts to speak to the baby in the way all mothers would speak to their child. She even calls him EJ...Edward Jr. When Rosalie asks her what her back up plan is for a name she tells her if the baby happens to be a girl she will name her Renesmee, a mixture of Renee and Esme.

Edward tells Bella how much the baby loves and adores her and suddenly Jake is standing there feeling betrayed by Edward's excitement. Edward gets a glimpse into Jacob's mind and sees the fear and hurt and throws him a set of keys and tells him to get out! He was giving him a chance to escape.

Well what a whirlwind of emotion in these two chapters! Feelings are flying all over the place! Let's start with Leah...I am so happy to report she does have a heart ladies and gents! Seriously though I really felt for her. I couldn't imagine being in her shoes. Not only has she lost the man she loved but she would never be able to bear children and it was likely she would never imprint so she would have to go out and find love on her own. Which c'mon being a werewolf would make it a tad hard to have a relationship with someone outside of their world, but still why would you want to live your life being pissed at everyone. These are the cards you are dealt so you can either make yourself miserable and mope around and make everyone else around you miserable, or you can live with what you have and make the best of it...just saying.

Jake. Awww poor Jacob. This guy has taken an emotional beat down these last few chapters. He is so confused, scared, angry, mad, hurt...everything and Bella's weird ways do not help at all. I have to say even though I dislike his wolfy ways I really feel for him. I hate to see anyone in so much confusion. Thank god he took his confusion out on Rosalie...hells yeah Jake! I LOVED LOVED LOVED when he chucked the bowl at Rosalie's head. It was awesome! Also did you notice the bit of foreshadowing on his imprinting on Renesmee? He was talking about how he was drawn to Bella and couldn't understand why. Well duh! He is drawn to the baby not Bella :)

Edward gets husband of the year...hands down. This woman is ripping him apart at the seams and he is still the most devoted and loving man ever. I also have to say I am enjoying the bit of brotherhood that is going on between him and Jacob. Its a nice bond. Also I almost die when Edward's daddy instincts kick in when he realizes he can hear the baby's thoughts. I cannot wait to see this precious moment on film. Daddy Rob may push me over my limit :)

Finally Bella...I am so happy that she finally admits that its her fault that her relationship with Jake got all screwed up. Why could she not have admitted this before? She only put him through hell. I don't know though..Jake probably would not have listened to her anyway. I do however admire Bella for putting herself through so much for the sake of her child and I was so happy that she was rewarded for her efforts by getting to hear the baby's thoughts via Edward. But Renesmee? Really? What kind of name is that ha ha

Ok let's get this discussion going! Its been kind of quiet last few chapters so let me get you guys started. What about Leah? Do you have compassion for her or should she just deal? How much did you love Rosalie getting food all in her hair? Do you like the friendship coming between Edward and Jacob? Are you excited about seeing Daddy Edward on screen? Do you think he betrayed Jacob when he got all gooey and sentimental about hearing the baby's thoughts? Is it Bella's fault that everything between her and Jacob is so screwed up? Comments below!! Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hey! my names fatema and im from 14 years old..i totally luv ur work! ur doing an AMAZIN' job..ok..for leah..i do not say tht she should deal with all this herself bt i stil dont hav any srs compassion for her..i just like how she manages to stay strong on the surface..after ol..shes been through alot..u knw, i'd been waitin for the point in the book wer she would break she didnt, so thts rily kul..nd i want to tel Jake smethng..U DID N OUTSTANDING JOB by gettin food in Rosalie's hair!!! ha sayin..n hell ya im excited on seein Rob playin Daddy on screen!! rob..we wnt to tel u tht we believe in u..and tht we knw ur gng to do your best in BD!! nd Edward did NOT betray jake..he cant help it if ol of a sudden he starts to hear his baby's thoughts!! nd to tel the truth..i thnk that bella admits tht its entirely her fault thngs didnt wrk out between jake n her bcoz mayb she felt tht if she didnt make it, she didnt want to die without sayn sorry to jacob for hurtin him..nd to show him her gratitude for being with her after all tht happend..u knw, splittin frm his pack..bella gav him a heart break n stuff..i rily like the intensity the story has held til the last page..way 2 go!!!

  2. I do feel a bit bad for Leah, i mean, she had a lot of sad things happen to her. I laughed, it was so funny, rosalie got food in her hair!:)
    YEA, i like seeing edward and jacob as friends. YES!! I cant wait to see DADDY EDWARD!!!!
    No i don't think he betrayed jacobin any way, it's his daughter!! Yes, it's mostly Bella's fault the space between her and jake!!

  3. so we all agree...Rosalie looks better with a little steak and potatoes in the hair :)

    I personally do not think Edward betrayed Jake but I can see where Jake would feel that way if that makes sense.

  4. I don't even know where to begin.
    Jacob falls in love with a freakish monster baby that's part vampire. wtf??
    How does anyone FALL IN LOVE WITH A BABY IN A SEXUAL WAY? Can you say creepy pedophile much? I mean, seriously, it's disgusting. And honestly, it's a cop out by Meyer. She wanted Jacob to have his "happy ending" because she couldn't possibly introduce real-life tension and lack of resolution into her perfect series. So she makes him a perfect mate in the form of a BABY.
    This has got to be the end of romance as we know it. I practically threw up when I had to read about it. I can't even imagine it being ACTED OUT by Taylor Lautner of all people. If I were him, I would quit on the spot. There's no way I'm going to pretend to lust after a newborn monster baby.
    And what? Yeah Edward and Jacob get soo warm and BFF that Edward seriously asks Jacob to impregnate his wife (after, of course, she gets an abortion for the monster baby that is trying to kill her). He gets husband of the year award for trying to pimp out his wife???? Yeah right. So he did it out of selflessness, it doesn't matter. It's still creepy, gross, and weird. It's way beyond the line and totally unrealistic.

  5. Leah is so annoying ! Like get over it. Let's face it you can't get a man because you're so busy mad at the world ! I prefer to hear less of her.
    Edward is super sweet ! I love him. He proves his love again and never fails. He know she's already going through a lot of pain but sucks it up and doesn't give her other reasons to trouble her.
    I don't like the whole Jacob imprinting on Resnemee but I guess it is what it is. I want to hear it from stpphanie what was she thinking when she decided to write that.


  6. I agree...Stephenie is definitely team jacob and wanted him to have somewhat of a happy was a little weird. I will admit I thought it was a bit insane but I really dont think she intended for it to come across that way. Also Edward asking Jake to get Bella pregnant was just simply showing how very desperate he is at that moment. He would do anything to save Bella even if it meant asking something so incredibly insane...I think that is how we are suppose to take it when we read it. Its f'ed up I agree but at the same time I get it.

    Leah...oh Leah. You are right...she will never find anyone as long as she keeps this I hate the word attitude. Her bitterness is not very becoming. I kinda look at my life as a reference...crap hasn't been perfect for me, my heart has broke and things have been taken from me I will never get back but Im not gonna make myself miserable by being so negative all the time and taling everyone around me down with me

  7. First of all let me say I love the dynamic between Jake and Rose it's so funny, almost as if they know where each ones place is Rose will protect Bella's Baby at any cost, Jake will protect Bella at any cost, But each one want to claw eachothers eyes out :) I love all the blonde jokes too funny!

    I have to agree poor Jake he's so sad. The pit of him aches with sadness (Tears anyone??:) I cried so many times in these chapters But when he askes her why she wants him was heart wrenching. I just wanna give him a hug!! But I do have to say I started suspecting the whole imprinting on the baby thig early. I just was so shocked when thats what really happened.

    Leah, Well I do have to say I never was a fan of her but I do get her. She of course hates the Cullen's because of what she is.. But I think there's an underlying hate for Bella, That exceedes what she feels for them. Leah is dedicated to Jake's pack and Bella is hurting him by not giving him up. Its a vicious cirlce. But I do feel sorry for her being a mutant werewolf though I always wanted a better ending for her its really sad.

    PS so tell me anonymous did U hate the book or what ??!!

    Oh gosh Poor Bella Having had 2 very large children I cant even begin to imagine the pain she must be feeling, Broken ribs, pelvis and other things like drinking blood ewww. What a trooper.

    I totally see where Jake is mad at Edward, He is his only ally he may be the only one who can help him save the Bella he still loves. His betrayal is obviously just, How could edward just ignoe his child right? But when Jake cracks I felt so bad for him. To watch some one die slowly is torture. But I was glad when he got to drive the after gift. :)