Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Twilight' Inspires New Generation of Baby Names

Happy Holidays to all of my Twi-Hearts!

The latest in a string of 'Twilight' related news is: Twi-hards are apparently reproducing.

No joke! For the first time in like ever, the name Bella cracked the Top 20 for the names that parents gave to their newborn girls born this least in the State of Arizona. Only a year ago, it managed to rank just 77th on the list.That's a huge spike, Twis!

But the popularity of the Twilight franchise--and of heroine Bella Swan--apparently does not translate across the gender barrier when parents are choosing names for their baby sons.

You heard me right my female Twis, the popularity list provides no indication of who is on “Team Jacob’’ and who is on “Team Edward’’! Can you believe it? Who here hasn't imagined naming their baby son(s) after Jacob or Edward or Both? Personally I have thought of 'Edward Jacob' but more so 'Jacob Edward'. Remember, I am, like many of you, Team Switzerland.

It has to be said that Jacob is the most popular name for boys this year. But that’s not new: It also placed there last year — and a decade earlier. And Edward you may ask? Still not popular. It didn’t even crack the Top 100. Isn't that something?

That’s not to say that tastes don’t change among the parents of boys.

The pattern is slightly different for girls though, with names sometimes rocketing up in the rankings, often based on pop culture, only to drop back down.

So, Twi-hearts, any feedback? How many of us would name our baby girls Bella? Or Isabella?

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  1. I just had a daughter back in Aug. If she would have been a boy, my name choices were Jasper David or Cullen David. Still love those names.

  2. My hubby's name is Anthony and if we have a boy I really like Edward Anthony and Since we have an Italian last name, Isabella goes really well with it. I might even talk him into Marie as a middle name. :)