Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Twilight Saga:Eclipse" Sells 3 Million Copies

The Twilight Saga:Eclipse has sold three million copies since its release Saturday, Dec. 4. Twilight sold over three million copies in its first weekend and The Twilight Saga:New Moon sold over four million copies. Now, Twilight is up to 10.5 million units sold and New Moon has sold 9.5 million units. Eclipse is expected to have increased sales over the next weeks for the holidays.


  1. I always find these kinds of sales amazing. They picked a good time to release Eclipse with it coming out on a Saturday and that is when everyone having days off and being out and about. I am curious about one thing though. Normally movies are always released on a Tuesday why is that?

  2. Twilight fans love the film, and for the boyfriends who are dragged along this will probably be the least painful experience yet.