Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cullen. Eduardo Cullen. WHO?

Hi Twi-hearts!

I think I may be about a week or so late on reporting this one, but I just figured out the riddle myself.

Just WHO is 'Eduardo' Cullen?

He was trending on Twitter shy of New Year's Eve and since then I have been on a mission.

Apparently this can be traced back to Twitter users tweeting about the Spanish language version of 'Twilight' in which our Edward Cullen has been renamed "Eduardo Cullen." Aha! That was it...right? Apparently not.

So, of course then I called my family in Guatemala and asked if the Spanish dub of 'Twilight' there had changed Edward to Eduardo...My answer? No. So, I expanded my question--"WHO and WHERE is Eduardo Cullen?".

Further sleuthing lead me to many of my Twi-hearts on Twitter to lend me a hand. Finally, I think I found my answer...Eduardo Cullen is the Brazilian Twilight dub name for our Edward Cullen. Yes, the land of CARNAVAL gave our Edward his Spanish persona of Eduardo.

One of my favorite Twitter tweets on this trending topic was as follows: "I picture Eduardo Cullen as Edward's more interesting and roguish Spanish twin. He has a very thin mustache and wears a matador outfit."

Feedback on this, Twi-hearts? Did YOU see #EduardoCullen on your Twitter timeline?

(Via The Independent)


  1. HAhahahah rofl and he is "D mos interesting man in the world" hahahhahaha

  2. You're wrong.... we call Edward here too... in Brazil... he's not Eduardo here........ I don't know where they call Eduardo, but, for sure it isn't here...

  3. The Portuguese dub of Twilight uses "Eduardo Cullen" so I've heard. Maybe that's what Bella meant? Anywho I cracked up at this article. Eduardo sounds sexier than Edward. rofl