Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with BD producer Wyck Godfrey

In a recent interview by USA Today, Wyck Godfrey answers some interesting questions about the upcoming two part finale to the Twilight saga.  When asked where the story ends for the first film, Wyck answers by saying "the first part will cover the wedding, honeymoon, and the birth."  He goes on to say that the "first part ends just before Bella's supernatural transformation."  Many questions surround the notorious birth scene.  Wyck clears the air by specifying the age range of the viewers are under 18 so therefore they have to be cautious of how detailed they get in filming.  He says they will film the birth scene from Bella's blurry, semi-conscious view instead of Jacob's, like the book.  Don't worry Team Jacob fans, there will still be part of the movies with a Jacob point of view.  Wyck was also asked why Director Bill Condon was chosen, especially because he is known for his musicals.  He plainly says "he [Condon] has an appetite for the genre and a passion for the Twilight books and movies." 

I am looking forward to these movies so much.  Especially the first one.  I think the first one has the elements of the book that most fans are anticipating so feveriously:  the wedding, the honeymoon, and of course the birth of little Reneseme.  I love reading and watching interviews that give information, though not too much information, just to leave you wanting more.  How about you? 

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