Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round 1: Twilight VS Blade

Ding, Ding, Ding....Round 1

Wow, let me just start out by saying how wonderful these movies are. We all know the synopsis for the Twilight series so I won't go there, but let me begin by giving a brief synopsis of Blade. Blade was released in 1998 and stars Wesley Snipes as Blade, the half human/half vampire hybrid who hunts vampires. Blade is a vampire film for the man who thinks he is too manly to watch the TS. I wanted to start my series with this film because Blade sort of reminded me of what Reneseme is going to be: a part human, part vampire badass!! Blade is human in every way except the fact that he has no control of his blood thirst and he can go outside during the day (the vamps call him Daywalker). He has no control like the Cullens have. Blade is a very action packed film as opposed to the TS, which has many genres. The vampires in Blade are very different than the TS. Blade's vampires have an underground lair in which they have blood raves and feast on humans. They are very secretive and only come out at night, not because they shimmer like diamonds as on the TS, but because they supposidly burn under UV light. Another difference in these films is that Blade uses the traditional silver stakes and garlic infused weapons to kill the bad vamps. The Cullens say that the only way to kill a vamp in the TS is to rip them apart and burn the pieces.

Blade begins by showing a pregnant woman in the hospital, dying of blood loss, not due to the childbirth but to the vampire attack (the doctors say it was an animal attack like TS). In Blade, there is a society of sorts (much like the Volturi) that believe that vamps can co-exist with humans without being noticed but there is also Deacon Frost (sort of a nomad type from TS) who just believes in ruling them however he sees fit. Blade saves a woman doctor who was bitten and she learns of his past and the fact that he has to inject himself with a serum to keep his thirst in check. She also learns of a mentor and helper of Blade's named Whistler (played by Kris Kristofferson). Blade continues to "crash" the underground vamp parties and kill off the bad vamps, searching all the while for Frost, who is trying to become a blood god (whatever that is!). Frost somehow kidnaps Blade's woman friend and almost kills Whistler, who is given a gun by Blade to committ suicide. The last thing you hear from him is a bang as Blade walks away. Furious, Blade goes to Frost's lair to stop him and to his surprise, finds his own mother did not die during childbirth but became a vamp herself...a mistress to Frost. During this information overload, Blade is captured only to find he was part of the plot all along to transform Frost into the blood god. Frost needed Blade's sunlight resistant blood. Frost succeeds in gaining powers from the other members of the society and Blade's blood, giving him the strength, speed, and red eyes similar to the vamps in the TS. In a final action scene, Blade battles Frost to "save the world" and of course Blade wins. In the end, the woman Blade saved had invented a cure for Blade's vampirism but Blade refused it because he wants to continue hunting vamps instead of being normal. There is a Blade II and a Blade Trinity that came after this but this is just about the 1st film.

Ok, so here is my opinion. There are very few similarities of Blade and the Twilight series. Blade is a rated R movie, so there is a lot more room for gore and blood and fighting. I think men would prefer Blade over TS but you never know. Some men appreciate a good human/vamp love story as well. The vampires in Blade do not break like stone when they fight and are more human like in that aspect. They do not appear to be super fast like the Cullens or nearly as good looking!! I still enjoyed this film and would love some feedback of how you feel about Blade. Is there something in particular that you liked or disliked about the vamps in either film? Do you agree that Blade was geared more towards adult men than teenagers? I wonder what any of the Twilight films could have been if made rated R, especially Breaking Dawn!


  1. Seriously BLADE??!! Gay!

  2. it is okay but TWILIGHT is way better(: