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Taking It Back To The Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 23& 24

Bella: Chapter 23 Memories

"It only made it worse that Edward was having a difficult time keeping the smile off his face. I knew that Jacob didn’t deserve my overreaction, but Edward seemed to find something satisfying in it. Maybe he was just wishing that he had the excuse of being a newborn so that he could do something physical about his irritation with Jacob, too." - Bella Swan

So Bella has just officially opened a can of whoop ass on wolfie bestie, Jacob, and now she is instantly remorseful for actions. In the midst of lunging after Jake, Seth stepped in to save his Alpha from the crazed newborn vampire and ended up getting hurt himself. This is actually what upsets Bella the most. She was mad at Jake for imprinting on her daughter, but she should have contained herself.

She is instantly brought back in her head to how much Jacob has helped her and her family which is making being mad at him all the harder. She has also learned some new things about her best friend, the new Alpha in town. Jake and Sam can still communicate but instead of invading each other's minds at all times, they chose what they want the other to hear. Also Sam has accepted Renesmee because she is Jscob's after all.

The wold pack issue has been worked out, but what about Charlie? He has been calling and checking on Bella and it is killing her to lie to her father, but she has to keep him safe from her secret. Although she thinks after some time has passed she will be able to have Charlie in her life. At the thought of Charlie, her mood shifts and Jasper takes notice.

He assures her that no one is angry with her about what happened with Jacob and she tells him her distress over the Charlie issue and leaving Forks. She talks about how she will miss everyone so much...even Jacob and she actually has a chuckle to herself about the whole Jacob being her son-in-law issue.

As the family was all gathered, Carlisle speaks up and reminds everyone that it is time to measure Renesmee, She is growing at a very rapid rate and even for a supernatural being this couldn't be safe and Bella worries for her daughter's safety.

After the measuring, Renesmee wants her mommy and she places her hands on Bella's face to show her that she saw the scene between her and Jacob. She was very pleased that Seth stepped in to keep Jacob from getting hurt. Then she continues to give Bella a rundown of everything she has missed.

Jasper cannot bear the ultimate control Bella has as a brand new vampire. It makes him feel almost inadequate. He was counting on her taking his place as the weakest link. Carlisle and Edward begin to discuss if maybe ultimate control was Bella's gift. Bella was instantly disappointed that she had been blessed with such a BORING gift.

As Bella was holding her daughter...Renesmee falls asleep and Bella lifts her hand and starts to watch her dreams. She sat there holding her daughter watching her dreams when everyone gathers around her with smiling faces. And Alice chimes in and wishes Bella a Happy Birthday....a happy 19th birthday.

Chapter 24 Surprise

“I know—I’ll play you for it,” Alice suggested. “Rock, paper, scissors.” - Alice Cullen

It seems that even as a vampire Bella cannot escape the tortures of celebrating her human birthday. Even after her conversion, she is still adverse to gifts and sports cars and she knows Edward will be giving her an "after" car. Alice and Edward argue about who will be giving Bella's gift to her first.

Bella hands a sleeping Renesmee off to Rosalie and follows Alice outside. Bella, Edward, and Alice float through the forest when Alice quickly turns on her heels and jumps onto Bella's back covering her eyes. Bella feels the desire to throw her off but with her unbridled control, she resists.

When Alice finally releases her hands from Bella's eyes, she sees a beautiful stone cottage that looked as if it had grown in the forest and remained there just for her. It was beautifully decorated and fit Bella's personality perfectly. It was her happily ever after, but Alice of course it was just a chance to stock a brand new closet.

Once she showed the two around, Alice makes a quick exit. This was another part of their gift...alone time. Now Bella is finally getting a chance to enjoy her husband...vampire style. When Edward showed Bella their room she immediately notices that Esme has created Isle of Esme for the two of them to enjoy. It was perfect.

Bella cannot hold interest in her birthday gift any longer...not with Edward standing by anyway. She is so amazed that all of the emotion and desire she felt for him as a human hasn't disappear but intensified. She wants him more now than she has ever wanted anything. And then....


Well we all know that vampire sex is WAY hotter than vampire/human sex. Of course once again Stephenie teases us with a brief...very brief...description as their first night together as a vampire couple. Luckily I have a VERY animated imagination. I have to keep in mind this book was intended for tweens and not adult women like myself. I am still protesting we get an R rated version for the adults. HA HA!

Awww poor Seth for catching the brunt end of Bella's temper...too bad it wasn't Jacob's face. That would have been interesting. Maybe if she hit him...this time should wouldn't break her hand. C'mon how excited would you be if your best friend imprinted on your newborn child? I'd kick his ass too....newborn temper or not.

Speaking of newborns, poor Jasper can't win for losing. He was counting on Bella to be the red-headed step child for a while to take some of the pressure off of him. But instead she has this stellar control and he just feels like a big fat loser. Poor guy. He should have expected it...Bella has never been on the normal end of the brain stick :) She has had so long to prepare for this and mentally psyche herself out. We still love you Jasper...even though all it takes is a tiny paper cut for you to go all Dracula on us :)

I am amazed at Stephenie's creativeness when it comes to Renesmee's gift. It is truly unique and how insanely cool would it be if it really existed! A lot of folks are disturbed by Renesmee's presence and for some it actually ruined the book for them. I find her fascinating and very entertaining. I have said it a million times...she is necessary to the story. She pulls it all together. Without her, everything would have remained the same. Vampires hating wolves and wolves hating vampires. Lines would have been etched in stone and there would be no "one big happy family."

Now let me change the route of this discussion...I am intrigued about these particular chapters and how Summit will manage to pull them off. For instance, sex between Edward and Bella cannot be just any sex...there MUST be clothes ripping and bodies thrown at full force. Mmmmm how will they get that correct with a PG-13 rating? And what about Renesmee? That is going to be the trickiest part of all. My one request...Don't screw it up! :)

Now its time for you to chime in. Were you disappointed at first that Bella didn't have some kind of gift similar to Edward and Alice? What do you think about the protectiveness Jacob obviously possesses over Renesmee? Make you gag or make you saw "awww" :) Did you feel a little sorry for Jasper that he is still the black sheep even though Bella is only days old? Now for the fun do you feel Summit should handle showing hot vampire sex with the two most beautiful people on the planet? Do you think they have the acting chops to pull it off? (Seriously you know they get plenty of practice off-screen haha) Were you disappointed with the PG-13 rating...for obvious reasons. Will it screw the movie up?

Look forward to hearing your comments! <3


  1. yes I wish bella had a simailar gift as alice and edward, but hers is cool too. jacob and renesmee it made me gag and it made me "awwww" Yea, i do feel a little bad for Jasper! Yes.... it should be rated R!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha I get how Renesmee & Jake's relationship can trigger the gag reflex. Jasper is such a sweetheart....poor guy.

    If you want to read a less gross version of Jake and Renesmee....check out Harvest Moon its a fan fic that continues the story. ABSOLUTELY fabulous!

  3. Still havent read I will today finally feeling ALITTLE better!

  4. Ahhhh c'mon slacker ha ha <3 feel better bb!

  5. I like her boobs :3

  6. so soft and squidgy :D