Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feels Like Home To Me: Set Pics From Vancouver!!!.

The fabulous fans in Vancouver have yet again come to bat to please the masses with set pics! Pictures of the Cullen House, Swan House, and Jacob's House have been released. We have already seen pics of the Newlywed Cottage where Edward and Bella live...that was enough to fuel my imagination for a few days :)

Looks like the Swan house is all decorated for Christmas...Christmas with Grandpa Charlie. I love the Cullen house...what can a girl do to get a house like that? I'll join the coven if I have to :) Jacob's house on the other hand...not my ideal but perfect in comparison to the book. And Bella's house...well if you promise me hot men like Rob and Taylor will be coming through my window...count me in :)

Now let's get really greedy and hope that the awesome folks in VanCity get us some pics while the actors are on location. I would LOVE a repeat of Brazil. You would hear no complaints from me.

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  1. Love the Cullen House It would be so awesome to have a house so emerged in the woods.