Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Official! Nahuel has been cast.

Twi-Hearts! This just in...

Actor JD Pardo will be "Nahuel" in Breaking Dawn Part 2!

The official Twilight Saga FaceBook confirmed!

The actor's IMDB page, which looks to be maintained by a representative linked to him, has him listed as "Nahuel" in the second and final part of Breaking Dawn.

From the look of the picture, provided by the lovelies at Todo Twilight Saga, JD looks the part of our mysterious and yet handsome Nahuel. Nahuel was described as an exotic young man, very handsome, with tan skin and dark eyes, and very charming and attracting characteristics. His dark hair is long and in a braid.

{Via Todo Twilight Saga}


  1. hmmm, I thought Nahuel was more AMAZONIAN (sp)?? While this actor is very handsome and tan, he just doesn't have that "look" I had envisioned when I read that part of the book...but then again my imagination is pretty big so I was hoping for more ethnic features of the Nahuel character whenever they cast the actor to play him...however (I know I'm all over the place) with any movie they can make the actor look alot different then what they look like in real life...example: the actor that plays Jasper, I love him to death as JASPER but "in person" this guy just isn't that much of a looker...IJS!

  2. He's not bad for the part. Though I imagined him a little more chiseled, with all the make-up and so forth they do for the movies, he may just come out pretty close to what we imagine. He's not amazonian, he's from the Patagonia. That's in southern Argentina. So his chiseled features are indigenous, yet with his vampire father being of european descent, he would be quite an exotic mix.