Thursday, February 10, 2011

Krazy About K.E.L.L.A.N.

K is for Kola because we know she is the special lady in his life
E is for Emmett...I loved Emmett before but Kellan playing him definitely made me love him more!
L is for Ladies.Yes. They all love him.
L is for way are they sweeter than Mr. Lutz. *Oh you naughty girls...I'm keeping it PG*
A is for Abs. So beautiful they could become a religion.
N is for Neck. I wonder if he would let me bite it? *Don't give me that face, its still PG lol*

L is for Love. I LOVE everything about this man.
U is for Underwear. Has there EVER been a sexier Calvin Klein model? "X" is now my favorite letter in the alphabet
T is for Twitter. I was so excited when Kellan joined the Twitter family.
Z is for Zhuehnrmeis. Yes that gibberish, exactly what would come from my mouth if I ever met him in person.

Oh my my my how I love this man. I just can't say enough...seriously I almost added some letters in his name just so I could say more about him. :)

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