Thursday, February 24, 2011

Round 4: Twilight VS The Lost Boys

Ding ding ding....Round 4

Twilight VS The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a horror film made in 1987 starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Keifer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and some other young boys of the 80s.  This film is ranked in the top ten vampire films. 

Here is a summary. 

It begins by two boys, Sam and Michael, moving with their mother to a coastal California town to live with their grandfather.  This town is notorious for unknown disappearances and gangs.  Michael immediately becomes enamored with Star, who lives with gang leader David.  David challenges Michael to a motorcycle race, in which Michael is nearly killed.  Michael still insists on becoming part of David's gang and is asked to drink blood and hang from a railroad crossing to be "in."  Michael wakes up feeling strange the next day.

Sam, the younger of the two brothers, is working at a comic book store and meets Edgar and Allen.  These two brothers, who are so called vampire hunters, teach Sam how to hunt vampires by reading certain comic books.  Sam doesn't believe in vampires until he notices Michael acting very weird/vampirish.  His reflection has become transparent and he is bloodthirsty.  Michael also discovers he can fly. 

Sam enlists the help of Edgar and Allen, who encourage him to kill Michael.  Refusing because Michael has not yet killed anybody, Sam begins suspecting his mother's boss and lover, Max, as the head of the vampire clan.  Next comes a disasterous dinner party, in which the three "vampire hunters" use every trick in the book to see whether or not Max is a vampire.  Nothing worked.  Michael refuses to join David and the gang as they feed on some surfers.  He confronts Star, who confesses that she is half vampire and that Michael was to be her first kill, making her a true vampire. 

Michael and the three vamp killers go into David's lair trying to kill them off.  They manage to kill one of them before the others awaken and they narrowly escape with Star in tow.  Mom, Max, and Grandpa go out the next night and the 4 prepare for battle against the vamps.  David and his gang show up and are all killed.  After the killing of David, Michael is disappointed to see that his curse was not lifted.  Something is wrong.  Max and mom return from their date, only to find that Max is the real vamp leader.  His intention was to use the mom to be a "mom" for the "lost boys" who were his vampire children.  Enter Grandpa, in a car, impailing Max, returning Star and Michael to normal.

Wow.  Is all I can say.  What a strange adaptation of a vampire film.  The reference to the fairy tale of Peter Pan, I get.  The rest of it....aaahh I don't know.  The theory that vampires are only half vampires until they make their first kill is just ridiculous.  Once you are bitten, you are done.  Also, as with most vampire films, the use of garlic and wooden stakes and such is used here.  I am sure in 1987, this film looked good in comparison, but man.  It is NOTHING like Twilight.  I could not have picked two films that were more different in the same genre.  I, personally, did not like the film.  I understand that some people will disagree, but it just is not my type of vamp film.  Take a fairy tale, mix blood, killing, and a little romance and a lot of nonsense, sprinkle with the two Coreys and there you go.....The Lost Boys.


  1. Lost Boys has to be one of the BEST! ever vampire movies ever made to this date and still one of my all time fav movies ever!, I have seen it at least 100 times, if anyone out there has not seen this film yet then you must, hehe i still actually have it on VHS plus i own it on Blue Ray, LOVE IT

  2. "What a strange adaptation of a vampire film"

    Yes, because glittering during the day is a typical adaptation.

    As far as the whole idea of "VS" its not a competition. The Lost Boys was the original teen cool vampire flick, kido. Without it there would be no Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.

  3. Errm, The Lost Boys is waaayyy better than Twilight for these reasons:

    1There are probably countless ways an immortal can pass the time. Forever is mighty long and that is plenty of time to gain and lose interests in all sorts of things. In Twilight, the vampires play ultra-baseball and make plays while posing in the air with lightning bolts around them. I don’t know about vampires, but I stopped attempting to look cool in front of my family a long time ago. In The Lost Boys, the vampires race on their motorcycles and sucker humans to ride off cliffs. I have to give this one to The Lost Boys because motorcycles make anything much cooler.

    2It’s been long established that vampires usually drink human blood and like to bite people on their neck or near their grapefruits. So why does Twilight feel the need to mess with the formula? In the movie, Edward states that he’s a vegetarian and that he only eats animals instead of people. While I can appreciate that form of vegetarianism, it doesn’t mesh with vampires. It’s like Cookie Monster giving up cookies; these things should not happen. In The Lost Boys, the vampires go all out and eat people every night. They are as violent as vampires should be; tearing up cars to get to their prey, or even biting bald heads so hard that blood gushes out in a manner similar to opening a shaken can of beer. That’s what people want to see, or at least it was.

    3.Any fan of vampires knows that they can dwell anywhere as long as they have a place to rest safely. The vampire movies takes place in Santa Carla, California, the murder capital of the world, and Forks, Washington, the logging capital of the world. Even though Santa Carla gained an unflattering reputation, the word of mouth haven’t been spreading the news and tourists flock to the town, ripe for the vampire pickings. Forks, Washington has a population of just over 3,500 which means that most residents would notice if people started disappearing. The blood suckers also have to worry about killing off all the animals in the forest just to survive. Who wants to see a vampire movie where they probably deer farm? How far this genre has fallen.
    Every vampire movie gives powers to the “cold ones” that help drive the popularity among fans of the genre. Many movies have certain powers in common, such as super speed and strength, but they also have their own powers specifically for their own films. In Twilight, the vampires can climb trees and jump far. Basically, they have squirrel powers. In the Lost Boys, the vampires can fly. Yes, they can pull a Peter Pan, which makes their hunting very effective. Flying beats jumping any day of the week. No brainer here.

    Since The Lost Boys are regular vampires, they have to sleep during the day. These vampires burn to death if sunlight touches them. Naturally, this weakness would automatically give the vote to Twilight…but not so fast. In the scene where Edward lets the sun touch him in the forest, I figured it wouldn’t affect him, similar to Blade. However, something happened that made me lose all faith in Hollywood. The damn vampire started to glitter. GLITTER! The only reason a man should glitter is if he’s in an all-male discotheque. That revelation made me cry myself to sleep that night and repeatedly punch my pillow, especially with the thought of the Twilight series as the most successful vampire movies of all time pounding my brain.

    In addition, why is a vampire who’s over 100 years old attending high school? If he’s not robbing the cradle with every female student in school, why is he wasting his time? Why go through the charade when things like Homeschooling exist?

    Concluding: Lost Boys is a classic, Twilight is a fad...sooo stfu