Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking It Back To The Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 27&28

Bella: Chapter 27 Travel Plans

"The days were not long enough for me to get my fill of adoring my daughter; the nights did not have enough hours to satisfy my need for Edward."- Bella Cullen

Bella has finally started settling into her life as a vampire. She is quite amazed with how everything seems to be working out. She never thought she would be able to have her real family, her new family and her wolf friends all in her life at once. Mostly her life was complete bliss but even with living in heaven you have to know there is a hell.

For Bella, the hell was worrying about her child and how fast she was growing mentally and physically. This was unfamiliar territory for everyone. No one knew what to expect. Edward and Carlisle threw themselves into researching and documented every single milestone in her life.

She was reading and walking and doing things that were way beyond her years and although fascinating, it was scary because no one knew when the acceleration in her growth would stop, although it seemed to be slowing down.

Edward and Carlisle were discussing the move that would be necessary for the whole family and of course Jacob was in on all of the discussion because he would definitely be tagging along, but Bella had a journey of her own she had to make and she had to make it alone.

Bella had to take a trip to Italy to visit the Volturi. She had to show them that she was no longer human. She couldn't risk the chance of them coming to Forks so she had to go to them. Alice had a vision that they would come, so she figured she would come to them first. Alice had actually mailed an announcement of the marriage and in response, Aro sent Bella a gift and along with it a note. He sent her an extravagant necklace with a note that said he looked forward to seeing the new Mrs. Cullen in person.

Of course Edward thought this was the worst idea ever. He couldn't imagine Bella facing those vultures alone. He feared it was too dangerous because although Alice's visions did not show any exact danger, they were still kind of fuzzy. This slight doubt in her visions was enough to worry Edward to death, so instead Carlisle agreed to accompany Bella.

The tickets for Italy have been purchased but on this particular day the argument of location was Brazil. Jacob was hell bent on leaving with the Cullens and following Nessie where ever she went. Bella insisted he stay behind to finish up school and be there for his pack but he was persistent in saying that he would go where Nessie was and everything else would fall in place as time allowed.

While Bella, Nessie, and Jake were out hunting and Jake and Nessie were turning it into a game, Bella's newly acquired instincts took over. She started to scan the woods when she noticed someone watching. It wasn't just anyone, it was Irina. When Bella made a move to show her she meant no harm...she growled and took off running.

Irina was still grieving the loss of her new love Laurent, who was killed by the wolves. Imagine to her surprise that Bella a new vampire was running around with a wolf and a half breed vampire. What would this mean for the Cullens?

Chapter 28 The Future

It was all my fault. She had come, as Alice had seen, to make peace with the Cullens, only to be angered by my camaraderie with Jacob. I wished I’d noticed her earlier, before Jacob had phased. I wished we’d gone hunting somewhere else." - Bella Cullen

So the cat was out of the bag and now someone knew the secret of the pact with the wolves and also knew about Renesmee. Although at first Irina did not pose a huge threat. She was visibly upset but she had not really made any rash decisions at this point and everyone seemed to just go about their lives as if it never happened, but not Bella. It stuck with her. She knew in her heart of hearts that no good would come from this.

Alice seemed to be bothered by the lack of knowledge she was getting from her visions of Irina. The uncertainty made her worry. She was running about the house tidying it every second when all of the sudden she drops a vase and it crashes to the ground. Bella was shocked. Has a vampire ever dropped anything on accident before? Edward then let out a loud gasp. They all knew something bad was about to happen.

The Volturi were coming for them. All of them. Irina had went to tattle on what she saw that day in the woods and now they were all coming for the Cullens. They weren't coming for Bella, they were coming for Renesmee. They were bringing every single member of the Volturi, including the wives. Edward made the comment that it was necessary to bring everyone because they could not defeat a coven so large without the whole guard.

On top of losing her lover to a werewolf she also lost her mother because of immortal children. The whole scene was nothing but heartbreak to Irina and she acted out of hurt and anger. But Irina's rash reaction did not give her the time to see that Renesmee wasn't like those immortal children. She wasn't frozen in time. She grew and she developed. She was different.

Bella was hoping for a trial but Edward explained there was no need for a trial because Aro would see the proof in Irina's thoughts. When they came to Forks it would be to kill the Cullens not to play nice and give them a chance to explain. The only option now is to fight. Fight the unbeatable.

Emmett of all people had the best idea. Maybe an idea that would save them all. He decided they should enlist the help of their friends. No one found this to be a good idea because they didn't feel it was necessary to sentence all of their friends to death, but Emmett wasn't suggesting they fight but stand with the family instead to maybe witness for them and make the Volturi listen to what they had to say.

So the Cullens decide to set off looking for all of their friends and gathering them all in Forks so they could see for themselves that Renesmee isn't like those other children. She is special. Alice was trying to see but her thoughts were blurry and coming in and out so fast that Edward couldn't see them. She was hiding something.

Alice grabs Jasper and insists that she needs to leave and clear her mind away from Nessie and Jacob. As Jacob walks in Bella tells him there is danger. He fears Nessie is in danger but she explains they have all been sentenced to die.

WHOA! Talk about some intense chapters! Poor Bella...she really cannot win for losing. Every time this chic gets a glimmer of happiness, something always has to come in and screw it up. Who knew it would be a "friend" of the family that did it.

I totally sympathize with Irina's broken heart and how she may have felt hurt and betrayed when she saw Bella with wolf Jake but to go to such extremes without finding out all of the details. Puh-lease! Can we say grow up? Isn't she like centuries old by now? Shouldn't she have learned some patience along the way? Maybe if she would have stopped to ask she would have known that the ONLY reason Laurent met his maker (again) was because he was working with that skank Victoria to kill Bella. And News Flash Irina...Bella is apart of the Cullens which in actuality is apart of your family so what team are you on anyway? Laurent got what was coming to him and we all know Irina gets what's coming to her too.

Phew! Ok now I am finished with my Irina rant. Honestly though, I was so upset when things played out like they did. Hurt feelings aside...her actions were rash and inexcusable. So now the Cullens have this huge dark cloud floating over them and the situation just seems impossible. Alice is freaking out and Jasper is sure they will all die...Edward is being all cryptic and truthfully when I read this the first time, I just knew someone would die.

This is the part of the series where my nerves started to suffer the most. I was so tense reading this. It was so refreshing for Emmett to be the one with a plan other than "let's pick a fight with these dudes." Who knew Emmett could be a rational creature. His plan was genius though. If they could gather enough people then it would be somewhat intimidating to the Volturi and make them listen.

So back to the lighter side of things...I cannot wait to see Jake and Nessie competing while they are hunting. I like the fact that Stephenie keeps Jake young at heart because after all he is only 17, even though he is put in a position to make him act much older. I like seeing him act his age. He isn't like Edward or Jasper...he hasn't had a 100 years to grow up and see the world for what it is. His relationship with Nessie is so light hearted and its almost like he is the world's coolest babysitter lol kind of weird to think they will be married someday.

The bitter sweet part of all of this is Alice and Jasper. I knew she was hiding something from Edward when I first read this, I just didn't know what at the time. Stephenie was definitely foreshadowing Alice's disappearing in this chapter. She had made her mind up that her and Jasper were leaving as soon as she knew they were coming. *tear* Oh how I love Alice. She is the best but I will be honest and say for the first time I hated her when I found out she leaves her family...can't help it. I thought it was a cop out.

Ok let's get chatting about these two stressful chapters. What do you think about Bella leaving Edward behind to go to Italy? Smart or Stubborn? Do you think Irina was justified in her actions by going to the Volturi? Were her actions irrational? What do you think about Emmett's plan to gather witnesses? Should the Cullens involve their friends or fight this battle alone? What were your reactions when you found out the Volturi were coming to impose death on the Cullens?

Sweet Twilight Dreams ;)


  1. I think bella is being smart because they both could get hurt. Bella can protect herself and the volturi are not looking for a fight, they just want to see Bella for themselves. Irina shouldnt have told the Volturi, the cullens did no harm. Emmett's idea was pretty smart, it would be too dangerous to fight alone. I was so scared and waned to see what happens next when I heard the volturi were coming to kill them.

  2. I was soooo mad at Irina...ahhhh I could have hit her...I mean the mean part of me was glad she got what was coming to her...but then again I kinda get it too so its like a catch 21.

    Do you agree that there was all of this build up for the Volturi battle and then did you kinda feel let down at the end like I stressed myself out for that? lol