Monday, February 28, 2011

Taking It Back To The Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 29&30

Bella: Chapter 29 Defection

"My face felt permanently set into the fixed mask it had worn all night. I wasn’t sure I had the ability to smile anymore." - Bella Swan

Fear and horror have overcome the entire Cullen brood. The Volturi are coming and there is nothing they can do to stop it. All they can do now is prepare. Alice and Jasper have disappeared so she can "clear her head" while everyone sits around and tries to think of different friends to call in as witnesses. Jake has alerted the wolf pack and everyone is on stand-by ready for whatever comes their way.

Everyone is sitting in shock waiting for Alice to return when they realize how long she has been gone. Edward had concluded that maybe the Volturi had already sent someone for her. The family springs into action.

The Cullens track Alice and Jasper's trail all the way to the Quileute border where they found Sam. Sam handed them a note and let them know that Alice and Jasper had asked permission to cross and also asked that they tell no one until they have left. He was instructed to give them the note once they came to look for them.

Carlisle read the note from Alice which said that they were sorry to leave but there was no other way. She also reminded them to gather up all of the nomads they could find. That was it. Alice and Jasper were gone.

Sam seemed shocked that she would abandoned her family that way when Edward explained that she knew more than they did and that vampires were not bound like wolves were. They had their free will. Free will or not...Edward's heart was breaking because his favorite sibling has jumped ship right when they were all about to die.

Carlisle advised that they put their feelings aside and follow Alice's orders. As they were leaving, Bella smelt a fresh trail. A trail leading toward her and Edward's cottage. Alice has written the note to the Cullens on a page from one of Bella's books and this intrigued Bella so she wanted to see what was up.

Her and Edward track Alice's smell to the cottage and she begins to look around. She asks for Edward to give her a moment and that is when she finds a name and address written on a piece of paper with the words "Destroy this" on it.

Bella explained to Edward that Alice has priorities that when they were on a flight to Italy she lied to Jasper to save him. She would sacrifice herself or anyone else for Jasper's safety, but Edward wasn't buying it. He felt there was a bigger picture he just didn't understand it.

All of the family except Edward and Bella are setting out in search of witnesses while Edward and Bella stay behind to show the others Renesmee. The Denali's were set to arrive the next day and Edward and Bella had the hardest job of all. They had to get everyone to stop and take a chance to see what Renesmee is instead of reacting the way Irina did.

Renesmee is starting to feel the effects of the stress level in the house. She complains to Jake about how she wants to go help but he tells her that she has to stay because everyone is coming to see her. Then Edward suggest that Jake make himself scarce while the vampires are there because they may be less likely to side with the Cullens if they know a werewolf is involved.

While Edward and Jacob were discussing plans, Bella cunningly makes her way to the computer to type in the address Alice had given her. It was for a lawyer, Jason Jenks. Confused as ever, Bella begins to wonder how she could save Renesmee. Maybe Alice was giving her a way to save her. Alice had to of known that Bella would do anything to ensure her safety so maybe this was what Alice had left for Bella.

Chapter 30 Irresistible

"I’d been planning on needing years just to somewhat organize the overwhelming passion I felt for him physically. And then centuries after that to enjoy it. If we had only a month left together… Well, I didn’t see how I could stand to have thisend. For the moment I couldn’t help but be selfish. All I wanted was to love him as much as possible in the limited time given to me" - Bella Swan

Questions. Bella has a thousand of them running through her head and only a select few that she can actually talk about with Edward. After she puts Renesmee down to sleep she goes over to Edward to begin talking when he sweeps her off her feet with an insane amount of urgency. They had so little time together. Time that Bella had planned on being much much longer.

Finally when they pulled their selves back into reality, Bella asks Edward to teach her to fight. Bella knew his reaction would be protective and unsure. She explained that even if there wasn't a fighting chance in hell that they live, that she should be able to defend herself. He agreed.

Edward explains to Bella how Alec and Jane are their heavy hitters. Jane can burn you where you stand but Alec can do the complete opposite. He can take away all of the senses leaving you in a black nothing. It is then Bella gets an idea.

She suggest that she could fight Alec because unlike the others, she is immune to both him and Jane. Edward explains that he has had centuries of training and she was still a newborn. She insists that Edward cram everything into the single solitary month they have so she can be as ready as possible.

Bella starts picking them off one by one in her head deciding who she could take on next. She would leave Felix for Emmett and Edward angrily says Demetri is his. It was the one thing he could do for Alice.

Bella begins to question Alice's motives for instructing them to speak to Eleazar about the Volturi. Edward explains how Eleazar was once apart of the Volturi and while he respected the need for the law to be followed he did not like the way of life with the Volturi. He explained how Eleazar's gift was very beneficial to the Volturi because he could sense the gifts that others have...even before they know it.

Tanya and her crew were soon to be on their way and Edward and Bella were trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Renesmee was so worried that they will not like her and Jacob reassures her that there was no way possible anyone could not like her.

Tanya, Eleazar, Kate, and Carmen all show up. As soon as they entered the house they knew something was wrong. They automatically assumed it was Carlisle. Edward pleaded that they hear him out before they make any judgments. All he wanted was a chance.

Edward advises everyone to listen and smell. The Alaskan vamps could hear the thrumming of little Renesmee's heart and the strange sweet almost human smell to her blood. When Jake brings her out everyone goes into to panic/shock mode.

Instinct tells Tanya to back away. She knows the law. She knows that when you break the law, you die. Edward begged them to stop and think about how could this child be complete vampire if she has a heart beat and flowing blood. He just wanted a chance. Everyone took a second to hear him explain how he was the father and Bella was the HUMAN mother.

Everyone finally let Renesmee "show" them everything that has happened. They were all sold instantly, even Eleazar who was at first skeptical. Then Edward explained how Irina went to the Volturi to tattle on what she had saw. Instantly the Denali clan felt a responsibility to stand up for the Cullens.

They all loved Renesmee instantly and for the first time since the bad news, Bella has finally gotten a more positive outlook on things. Then she remembers that Alice has left and all hope fades away.

Alice! OMG I was so mad at her when he ditched everyone. I will admit even thought I had an inkling that she would be back and there was so rhyme and reason to her departure, I was still so angry at her. She could have told Bella what was up. I mean at least she did leave the address to J.Jenks. Seriously though the first time I read this...I was like, you selfish cow. Although I would probably do the same if I were in her situation. What a Catch 22 this is...

I was so proud of Edward for standing up for Alice when Sam was thinking so horribly of her for copping out. Even thought his heart was breaking and he didn't understand why she left, he knew that she would never abandon them without very good reason. He had a million times more faith in her than I did.

I love that we actually get another glimpse into how close Bella and Alice really are. Alice knew that Bella would be over analyzing everything so she knew that she could lead Bella to the secret note she had written for her by writing the note to the family on the page of one of Bella's books. Notice how no one else noticed that? Bella did, because Alice knew that she would be all over the place in her head trying to figure things out. She also knew that she would be stressing over how to save Renesmee.

Renesmee's gift is so intriguing. Major imagination had to happen to think that up. Its almost touching just to read how she shows them her life and how they simply fall in love with her because they cannot help it. She is perfect. She is the glue that binds everyone together. Cannot WAIT to see these next few chapters on film. Mackenzie Foy has that perfect lovable face. She will nail it I am sure.

I wonder why Eleazar doesn't pick up on Bella's gift right away? Why does he wait so long to mention it? I guess its for the stress/shock factor but seriously she could have practiced a lot more.

These next few chapters are like complete stress city for me. Even when you know what is going to happen its insane how you almost feel just as defeated as the Cullens. So what are your thoughts? Should Alice have told Bella the deal? Was she selfish in her actions? What about Sam's reaction toward Alice? Was it justified? Do you think Edward should teach Bella to fight? Should he finally give her the freedom to be the monster she is? Are you so tired of Bella always trying to figure out how she can sacrifice herself to save someone? (I am) What do you think about the Cullens' plan to gather witnesses? Are they putting their friends in danger? Talk it up!


  1. These chapters are so sad and desparate. I can imagine all of them stunned into motionless dispare. I also loved how Bella thinks she has brought this on all of them with her complete happiness. Its so Bella! I was shocked and so sad when Alice left, Like how could she abandon them, and let them die? It was so touching how Nessie flipped through each photo of them over and over in her mind thinking where's Alice?? Ugh just heart wrenching!!

  2. These last chapters are nothing but pure suspense...its such a HUGE build up and then the climax is so disappointing ha ha