Friday, March 25, 2011

Alice Cullen meet Captain America

Happy Friday Twi-Hearts!

Last Friday brought the news of our Alice Cullen, a.k.a. Ashley Green, and her former teen heartthrob BF, Joe Jonas, calling it quits.

This week I bring you: Ashley, single and ready to mingle...for real.

In a world that loves a good drama, if Ashley was trying make her ex-boyfriend Joe jealous, she is certainly doing a good job.

After being spotted out with Kings Of Leon bassist Jared Followill on St. Patrick's Day last week, our Alice has once again stepped out with another famous and deliciously yummy male companion.

This time it was Captain America star, Chris Evans.

According to E! Online, the actress enjoyed her new-found single status as she flirted and danced with Captain America all night. Ashley was said to have been "all over Chris, and he certainly didn't mind," a source told the website.

"They were dancing together very closely. It looked like they had a lot of sexual chemistry. Ashley is newly single. She's hot. Of course she's going to be out having fun.'

Not one to choose her guys over her friends though, Ashley also kept close with a female friend and good friend Dickey Doo. Apparently this Dickey is a friend of the Twilight cast and is Kellan Lutz’s room-mate.

Ashley looked stunning with her hair recently refreshed in a brilliant red hue. New look for a new chapter? It suits you, Ashley. You're lovely, you're sweet, and you're young. Rock on.

(Via UK Daily Mail)

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