Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ashley Greene on the cover of Glamour Magazine

Happy Tuesday Twi-Hearts!

It seems like our Alice Cullen, a.k.a. Ashley Greene, has been one of the most talked about Twilight stars in the media as of late. What with her break up from Joe Jonas, and the buzz of who is her next BF from the likes of Chris Evans and Jared Followill to pick from.

Today, the headlines are reading: "Ashley Greene calls Ex-BF Joe Jonas a 'Superstud'".

That's right, Twi-Hearts. And while our curiosity may get peaked at thought of a post-break up interview, I will tell you now--it was pre-breakup.

Ashley looks stunning and like a total pro in her floral-print retro bikini and tie sweater on the cover of Glamour Magazine's latest issue—she did start her career as a model, after all! Inside the issue, Ash dishes about her career, her charity work and boyfriend Joe Jonas (yes, her interview was conducted before their break up, see.).

Ashley confessed that she still feels unsure about her acting abilities sometimes--even with the success of the Twilight Franchise. "I still am extremely green in some ways," she admitted. "And so each time I work on a character it is very exciting, very scary." Then there's always the problem of typecasting. "It is difficult because people look at you as the character," she added.

When not calling up the future as our pixie-propehtic vampire Alice Cullen, Ashley likes to give back. "I work with a charity called Donate My Dress. It’s got chapters all over the country where you can donate special-occasion dresses. Prom is a big deal when you’re 15 years old, and it enables girls who don’t have the money to come in and choose something special."

And finally, in a bit of awkward timing, Glamour's issue went to press five days after she parted ways with musician beau Joe Jonas. When prompted about her then-BF, she replied, "Superstud." That’s right. "If you’re going to be with someone all the time, they need to be your best friend," Ashley added.

Good luck to you, Ash, as you navigate the waters for your new " best friend"!

(Via Hollywood Crush)

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