Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin...MTV's Top 5 Fave Rob Moments

Do you have your questions ready? MTV is counting down the days until Rob's big interview Friday on MTV.com, where he will be answering fan questions live! How much fun will that be? Let's just hope that the crazies forget to mark their calendars and Rob isn't inundated with ridiculous questions.

But until then....MTV is counting down their favorite Rob moments! How can you actually narrow it down to only 5? I have a hard time slimming it down to just 20! You can check out the countdown here

So what are you favorite Rob moments? You don't have to say only 5...make it 50 if you're feeling it, but for the sake of keeping this post at a reasonable length I will tell you my top 5....

5. Comic Con 2008 (so much bubble action there LOVED IT!)
4. Eclipse LA Convention...he was so exhausted and was hilarious!
3. The first MTV interview with Rob and Kristen...this is where it all began
2. Unscripted Moviefone Interview with Rob, Kristen, and Stephenie
1. Brazil!!! ISLE OF ESME! Need I say more?

{via MTV}

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