Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Movie Night For Rob & Kristen...

Say what?! Rob and Kristen on an outing? Together?! No it can't be! HA HA! Some insanely lucky fans got to snap a couple of pics with our favorite on-screen (maybe off-screen, depends who you ask) couple. The two of them were seen at a theater in Squamish, BC, where they were recently filming latest Breaking Dawn scenes.

Since the two of them have been so hard at work, they decided to take a little movie break. So obviously they hit up the small town theater to check out Red Riding Hood. Props to them for showing Catherine Hardwicke some love. They were hobo'd out, making it look sexy, like only they can do. Looks like they were just having a relaxing night and even with stories floating all around the net about how they snubbed their fans a couple of days ago, they stopped for pictures. The fans of course gushed about how nice Rob was and of course how awkward Kristen was.

Seriously? The girl can never get a break. She posed for a picture, even though I'm a little disappointed she is hiding in one, what more do you want? Oh well, it is what it is.

Filming is expected to go on through April. Rumors have been circulating that the wedding will be filmed the first week of April so let's hope for tons of info on that!

{via E! News}


  1. thanks for the great pics! and honestly, i love kristen forreal but i have no idea why shes so awkward and she hides herself. we all love her and she needs to be more out and open. And of course Rob looks hot as always

  2. I think the thing about Kristen is...she wants so badly to be just a normal 20 year old woman but she just isn't and truth is it will be a long time before she flies off of the radar. She might as well accept it and embrace it :) Just as long as she doesn't ever become one of those famous chics that will do whatever to get their face in front of a camera