Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taking It Back To The Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 33&34

Bella: Chapter 33 Forgery

"But there were different ways to prepare for what was coming, and with only two weeks left, I worried that I might be neglecting the most important. Today I
would rectify that oversight." - Bella Swan

Everyone has gathered and preparations are being made for the Volturi's arrival. There is one last thing to take care of. Bella needs to pay J.Jenks a visit per Alice's instructions. She just isn't really sure why she should.

She decides that she has neglected Charlie long enough from Renesmee but she also needs him as an alibi. So she takes Renesmee and Jake and visits Charlie and dismisses herself to "go Christmas shopping." Jake knew something was up but Bella could not tell him in fear that Edward would read his mind.

She sets off on her journey and notices that her newly acquired vampire senses have made driving a lot less stressful for her. She finally gets to the address Alice gave her, which ends up being in a bad part of town. She sees a man and starts asking if he is J.Jenks and he informs her that he isn't. He also tells her she doesn't look like the usual customer. Of course she didn't, she didn't even know why she was seeing him.

The engage in some conversation and he is trying to fill her out and figure out why she came to the straight up ghetto instead of his fancy office. The man calls J and describes Bella and then tells him that she is a Cullen. He immediately freaked out and started yelling at Max for not telling him earlier. J wants to see Bella.

Bella wasn't sure what to expect from Mr. Jenks. When Bella arrives a secretary asks her if she has an appointment and as she tells her no, she hears a man say there is a Mrs. Cullen coming to let her in as soon as she arrives. So Bella realizes that she is top priority but she still doesn't understand why.

Bella begins to talk to a terrified J and he asks her what she needs and thanks to the thug on the street, she knew she must need some kind of papers. It was when J began asking what kind of papers she needed, that Bella realized this was Alice's gift to her. A way to save Renesmee and keep her safe.

Alice knew that Renesmee would need forged documents if she were running and the only reason she would be running is if they lost. The hope Bella once had for defeating the Volturi disappeared. She was now almost positive they had no chance at winning, but even if there wasn't any hope for the rest of them...Renesmee would have a shot. So she put in for 2 passports, 2 birth certificates and one license for Jake and Renesmee.

Bella forks over the cash and agrees to meet with Jenks at a restaurant the next week to pick up her documents. Bella could sense some worry with Jenks but she couldn't put her finger on it. She really wished she had Edward there to read his mind. She hated keeping secrets from him, but this time it was necessary.

Chapter 34 Declared

"I heard the music before I was out of the car. Edward hadn’t touched his piano
since the night Alice left. Now, as I shut the car door, I heard the song morph through a bridge and change into my lullaby. Edward was welcoming me home." - Bella Swan

Bella has spent the afternoon working on setting things up for Jake and Renesmee when things go badly against the Volturi. When she arrives home, Edward is playing for her. The first time he has touched his piano since Alice's departure. It made her heart ache. She knew she didn't have too much time with him. Her heart was breaking.

She showed Edward the gift she purchased for Renesmee. She bought her a gold locket from an antique store that had an inscription that was in French that meant "more than my own life." It seemed fitting.

Edward was ready to head back to their cottage but Bella was ready to get some practice in with Emmett but Edward demanded she wait until tomorrow. Judging by his tone, she didn't bother questioning him. It was difficult for her to attempt to get into a routine when the situation rested where it did.

She tried to be positive. She knew that no matter the outcome, Renesmee would be safe and Jake would survive. The world would move forward, just the Cullens would not. Her and Edward would not. They could not exist without the other.

They spent Christmas with Charlie, Sue and the rest of the pack. Renesmee loved her gifts and they were trying to be as normal as possible. The wolves were chomping at the bit to get in on this HUGE fight. Bella thought it was just a death wish for all of them, but there was no swaying them.

When they return to the Cullen house, Edward senses something is wrong. Alistair has left. Amun is arguing with Carlisle that he is sentencing his whole coven to death. Carlisle tried to reason with him and explain that he did not believe it would come to a fight but if it did he could always side with the Volturi and he would never hold any ill will toward him. Amun believes this will be the only way for their survival.

Alistair left in fear. He feared that the Volturi would not even begin to listen to any witnesses and they would finish what the sought out to do. Of course this excited the Romanians because they knew that if it did come to a fight that word would spread fast on the kind of "law" the Volturi were living for. At that moment, everyone decided if it came to a fight, they would stand next to Carlisle and his family. Even if it meant death.

Later on during their hunting trip, Bella had a thought. She had this amazing power to protect but what if she failed. What if she let everyone down? She thought her shield had holes in it since Renesmee was allowed to go into her head. Edward tried to ease her fears by explaining that no expected her to protect everyone.

Edward had a theory that maybe Renesmee does exactly opposite of what Bella does. Instead of keeping everyone out...everyone let's her in. Would Renesmee's talent be enough to stop Aro? He would be faced with the truth but would he uphold the law or ignore it for his benefit?

Drama! Drama! Drama! Sneaky Bella is pretty awesome I must say. I like that she finally has one up on everyone. She is ahead of the game and has to be the BEST secret keeper on the planet. Alice gave her instructions and her motherly instinct knew that she had to keep this to herself to save her child. Its so amazing to me how she went from the confused teenager to this awesome mom over night.

J. Jenks seems like some dude you would see in a Godfather movie or something. I love how Jasper obviously scared the crap out of him to where he knows when a Cullen comes through you better deliver or you were the main course for dinner that night. This is actually the part of the Cullen's I wish we got to see more of. I mean seriously, they did not get all of that money without some sort of under handed activity. I would like to see more of their "powers of persuasion." Especially Edward's and Carlisle's. They are such sweet guys, it would be nice to see them be a little deceiving.

I wish there were some way Alice could give Bella a heads up. What I don't get is why couldn't she? Bella's thoughts are private and its obvious she knows how to keep a secret, so why didn't Alice just tell Bella what the plan was all along. Alice could have prepared her for two outcomes if anything, instead of leaving her in the dark. I guess its for the suspense of the book.

We really get a good glimpse as to how respected Carlisle is. His friends are ready to fight for him. Even die. I love how the vampires have such a strong honor system in a way. Their lives are so much different than humans. They stick by their friends and stand up for what the believe in. Its almost like it isn't even a choice but a necessity. Very old world. I love it.

Christmas time at Charlie's was bittersweet for me. Its so nice that everyone gets together but its so disheartening to think this could be the last time. They have this tremendous weight on their shoulders and they may not make it alive. Even the wolves. Not only would Charlie lose his daughter and his grand-child but he would be losing his other family as well. How depressing. It broke my heart that Bella couldn't enjoy this time with her family because all she could think about was losing everything.

Its tragically beautiful and poetic how devoted Edward and Bella are to one another. You jump, I jump type stuff...yeah ok I just used a Titanic line but its true. Where ever one goes the other must follow. If one dies, they both die together. Its sad but its beautiful at the same time. They know their daughter will be protected at all cost and they know they can't live without each other. If I were Bella and I thought I was going to die....I would locking myself in that cottage with Edward. :) Make the best of it while you can.

I think this will be a VERY crucial part of the movie and the tone has to be set perfectly. Bella has to be tormented inside but at the same time has to put on this facade for everyone. Kristen will have to nail this. Its very important. Not only Kristen but everyone...Kristen more so because it is coming from her point of view. I am most looking forward to Mackenzie's acting ability when it comes to being Renesmee. I am not sure how she is going to execute this but I am very confident it will all blend well.

Time for talking! So do you think Bella's plan for Jake to run away with Renesmee is a good idea? Is he enough to protect her? What about Bella and Edward's willingness to succumb to death for another? Emo or Romantic? Is there a such thing as love that so strong that you would willingly die just to keep from being without them? What are your thoughts on Alistair bailing? Smart or Dishonorable? Should Alice have let Bella in on her plans or left things as they were? Should Bella have told Charlie what was coming or left him in the dark? Get to discussing! We only have a few more chapters left.


  1. Finally!
    Ohmygod I cnt wait to see this in the big screen(:
    Bella has matured... Even more, & has become an amazing mother.

  2. I think Bella's plan is a good idea because well Jake an Renesmee love each other. I think Bella and Edwards willing ness for death for each other is both emo a nd romantic. Bella should not tell charlie because he would get VERY worried. I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry it took me so long guys...real life has been kicking my butt lately. This movie will be the most epic of 2o11 and 2o12 period. Bella has finally grown into a woman and she is AMAZING!

    I think the love her and Edward have is the most romantic since Romeo and Juliet. Its too much to handle

  4. Hello Luva!! Well I must say that I really really liked the whole J Jenks part of the book. It showed that Bella could really take things into her own hands. and not rely a-on Edward to do her dirty wk. But the reason she is doing it for is utterly depressing. To think that u would have to send ur child away would be heart wrenching!! But it is the best thing for her. he can protect her!! Of course I would Be pro-Jake!!

    Un lets see. I Luv Alistar he is a funny guy! I think it was prolly smart he left. Just think of the massacare it would have been it it had hashed out! Um Should definatley tell Charlie (as little as possible is best) The troll wouldnt let her go if he knew LOL :)

  5. Yeah I will say this...I was super disappointed that there wasn't more action than there was...she spent almost the entire 2nd half of the book showing the characters preparing for battle but then its over in 15 pages and it was all done in her mind...Im sure it will be played out differently in the movie...Im hoping so anyway.