Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Is Exactly How Catherine Pictured the Meadow Scene...

Obviously Ms. Hardwicke has joined ranks with the thousands of people who are totally crazy about Rob and Kristen. She just can't seem to go anywhere without them! I saw these photos on Gossip Dance and thought they were insanely adorable and had to share.

Catherine set the ground work for what is one of the biggest things to happen in entertainment history! She has made it no secret that she thoroughly enjoyed working with these two bright young actors. She has also made comments about loving to work with them again, should the right project arise.

I loved the chemistry she had with the cast. She is a very organic director and gets her hands dirty. Extremely out of the box as well. I would love to just sit down and have a conversation with her...she seems so interesting. I think it would be really hard for her to get the two of them together in a film again, but if she ever did...I'd be first in line.

{via Gossip Dance}

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