Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mommies of "Twilight"

So, I know I'm a little late, but I would like to wish all of those great mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day. I just want to send a quick shout out to my mommy, I know you are reading this! Anyway, I thought what better way to celebrate than blogging about the mommies of The Twilight Saga.

Esme Cullen (Elizabeth Reaser)- Who doesn't love Mama Cullen? The loving and compassionate mom of the Cullen family. You don't want to mess with this mama.In real life, Elizabeth is not married and does not have any children.

Bella Cullen (Kristen Stewart)- Bella, human turned vampire after nearly dying giving birth to her and Edward' daughter, Reneesme. Only a mother would give up her life for her child, but I'm sure there are some fathers out there that would do the same. In real life, of course, we know that Kristen is not a mommy....yet.

Renee Dwyer (Sarah Clarke)- The loving mom of Bella Cullen, who supports her decision to marry Edward and is happy to hear she is a grandmother. In real life, Sarah is married to Xander Berkeley (pictured above) and they have one child, Olywn  Harper Berkeley.

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  1. In the book I don't recall Renee knowing about Renesmee because she wasn't strong enough to know about the situation. But HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL.