Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its All About The Dress & Carolina Herrera Designed It!

As some of the most dedicated fans in history, we understand that there are parts of Breaking Dawn (the book) that just cannot make it into a movie and then there are parts that may be changed for the sake of making the movie flow. With that being said, there are a few crucial scenes in the movie that HAVE to be exactly as they were in the book. One in particular...THE WEDDING.

Stephenie did such an amazing job of painting the perfect picture of Edward and Bella's wedding through her words. I couldn't imagine it being any different than I read it. One of the most important aspects of the wedding is of course the dress. Just like David Tutera says...you find the dress, then you plan your wedding around it. The official Twilight Twitter page has confirmed, what has recently been a rumor, that Carolina Herrera designed Bella's wedding dress.

She is an amazing designer and by taking a look at her other dresses, she was a perfect pick to make Bella the belle of the ball. No pictures or any design talk has been released and I am hoping it stays that way. That is one part of the movie I do not want to know anything about. I want to be completely surprised.

What do you think about Summit's design choice? Do you want a sneak peek (or pic as Kristen would say :]) or do you want to be totally blown away when you first watch the movie?


  1. I want the surprise. I want the jaw dropping moment when she walks down the isle. I won't peak till then. Promise

  2. I was almost a little disappointed that they showed her at all...I wanted complete shock when I saw her for the first time