Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kellan Lutz Praises Rob's Workout Routine

Holy Headboards?! Was it just me or did you see an exceptionally carved out figure thrashing a headboard to pieces on the new Breaking Dawn trailer? Just when we think there is nothing Rob could do to make himself sexier, he goes and does it.

Skeptics from all over have tried to say that Summit used a body double for the incredibly passionate scene but rest assured dear Twi-hards...the beautiful god like body we see is in fact Robert Pattinson. His new physique didn't come without work though.

Kellan Lutz sat down with MTV and was asked about his thoughts on the ending of Breaking Dawn. The headboard scene came into discussion and he admitted that folks actually believed it was him instead of Rob. He is lets us all know that it is indeed Rob and that he was very impressed with his dedication to getting fit for this movie. Kellan goes on to discuss how Rob hit him up for fitness advice and how he was so diligent.

Oh how I would love to see Rob exercise. Remember, Kristen said she calls him "Flippy." Poor Kellan, I wonder if there is ever an interview where he isn't asked about Rob, Kristen, or Taylor. Let me just say this...I wouldn't mind too horribly to see Mr. Lutz breaking some headboards...just saying :)


  1. Is Emmet Jealous? Anyway,as a dude, I'm not particularly excited for Breaking Dawn, but maybe I'll go watch the second part when it's released.
    Anyway, I created a puppet show video about twilight, which I think is pretty funny. Check it out if you can.

  2. Awesome! Do you have a link? I can post it on the site if you want

  3. i love vampires [there better then warewolfs

  4. Kellan is sooo yummy. I wouldn't mind breaking some headboards with him.

  5. How about a Rob and Kellan sandwich :)