Monday, June 6, 2011

The Kiss Heard Around the World...Taybert!

Robsten shippers all over are were anxiously waiting to see how this year's Best Kiss acceptance would go for Rob and Kris. Each year the two have awkwardly came up with a "plan" on how to accept the big award that is traditionally sealed with a kiss. But this year...Rob decided to bring Taylor in on the fun. Instead of kissing Kristen, he bolted down into the audience and planted a smooch right on Taylor's lips...then his forehead...then his hand. It was a major love fest!

Josh Horowitz, with MTV News, got a moment to speak with some of the cast of Twilight to catch their reactions to this years Best Kiss acceptance. Some loved it and others had their gag reflexes tested :) It was all in good fun and too hilarious...Taylor you lucky lucky boy. You are the envy of women worldwide!


  1. I didn't know they were waiting for Taylor & Robert 2 kiss I thought Rob was going 2 bring Taylor over 2 kiss Kristen but so did not c that coming at all I was thinking at the end of that kiss. wow talk about a real Jaw Droping Moment and Best Kiss. I that was new I wonder if there will be a 3 way kiss next year.

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  3. Taylor your so lucky!

  4. I though it was fake