Sunday, June 26, 2011

Official Illustrated Guide for Breaking Dawn Part 1 Available for Pre-Order!

The Breaking Dawn promo is creeping to a beginning! The illustrated guide has been published for each installment of the saga, providing excellent behind the scenes photos and interviews with cast and crew. Its a great piece to add to your Twilight collection (I have them all!)

Thankfully this one seems to have a release date after the film opens so for those of you who want to be totally surprised, there won't be any spoilers. Amazon has already opened up sales for pre-orders HERE. Since Summit is trying to be so tight lipped about this film, there is no cover yet.

Hopefully, we will get all of the deets about the wedding and honeymoon, well ones that we don't already know from seeing tons of leaked pics and pap pics of filming. Will you be adding this to your Twi stash?

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