Monday, June 6, 2011

Twilight Eclipses the Competition at the MMA's

Twilight takes over again! Seriously MTV, I am thinking until this saga is over you should just call them the Twilight Awards. Once again we have proved to be the greatest fans EVER! Because of all of our votes, Eclipse swept the show winning in every category nominated! So I guess this means I wasn't the only one who voted 500 times a day ;)

Rob took home Best Actor, while Kristen followed suit and won Best Actress. Once again, Rob and Kristen won Best Kiss and this year's display of affection was quite the jaw dropper. Rob
decided to lay one on Taylor Lautner instead! Rob, Bryce,
and Xaiver nabbed the golden popcorn for Best Fight and finally the whole gang ended the night by winning Best Movie three years in a row!

Rob also helped present Reece Witherspoon the Generation Award, which proved to be somewhat of a hilarious train wreck. I'm pretty sure that by time it hit the west coast...MTV bleeped out the part where Rob drops the "F" bomb. Too funny! I love Rob and Kristen so much, but guys might I strongly suggest you take Public Speaking 101 ;)

And of course the most important part of the night was the release of the Breaking Dawn trailer! In true Twilight fashion, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor introduced the new clip which left fans foaming at the mouth for more! November cannot come soon enough.

Overall great night! Kudos to the Twi-hards all over who voted and made Twilight rule the show once again. We have proved over and over how dedicated we are to this fandom. Only 6 more months until we get to see our favorite on/off screen couple tie the knot and take the next step. Let the premiere party planning begin!

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  1. The MMA's were awesome. I was so glad that the whole cast and crew came up on stage(it cant all be about Robert). It was the best award show of the year.