Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bear Takes Rob & TomStu On A Walk

Finally Rob gets a break and how does he spend it? He goes on a lovely stroll with BFF Tom Sturridge and newest family member, adopted dog, Bear. By the looks of the pics that were snapped of the trio, Bear is taking Rob for the walk.

Bear joined Rob's family around the time he was doing Water for Elephants. It is said that both he and Kristen adopted Bear together to save him from being euthanized. How sweet! We have also seen pics of Bear walking Kristen as well. Isn't it true that they say the first step to marriage/children is adopting a pet together?

How great is it to see best buds, Rob and Tom, get to hang out? Judging from the creature growing on his face, Tom has been ubber depressed about Rob's absence. Tom has been seen here and there with girlfriend Sienna Miller, but no one puts that goofy grin on his face quite like Rob can!

Rob just recently wrapped on filming his latest movie Cosmopolis. He is now back in California, where he was spotted, on Monday, doing a little vintage shopping with Kristen Stewart. Both Kristen and Rob are slated to attend Comic Con for Breaking Dawn tomorrow in San Diego. Don't miss it!


  1. Rob is so freakin HOT!

  2. AHHHHHH I know a back banana seat passenger when I see one...Seriously...I believe something is growing on his face.

  3. maybe its a pet ferret with separation anxiety