Thursday, July 14, 2011

Driving Like A Cullen? Kristen Has A Minor Fender Bender

Seriously...if I made $20 million a year, I would have a limo carting me around everywhere I went, but not our girl Kristen. Earlier today in LA Kristen was involved in a minor accident and of course in true LA fashion, photogs were on the scene to snap pics of Kris exchanging info with the other lady involved. Were they the cause? Who knows, but according to Celebuzz, Kristen was friendly with the papz on the scene.

Kristen was recently in Toronto for a quick weekend with off-screen boyfriend Rob and has since then been back in LA working on her SWATH prep. She will head to London soon to begin filming. Rob is supposedly finishing up his latest film Cosmopolis tomorrow, with nothing else slated for him as of yet. Wonder if he will be joining his leading lady while she works it up in his home country?

The two of them, along with Taylor, are said to be attending the Breaking Dawn panel at 2011 ComicCon. The panel is set for the 21st. Stay tuned for all of the latest info!

{via Celebuzz!}

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  1. Watch me crash and no one will capture the moment. LMAO! She's such a loser. Gotta love that girl.