Monday, July 11, 2011

Kristen Stewart Ranked In Top Ten Highest Paid Actresses

For a girl who looks as normal as any 21-year old, Kristen has been ranked among Hollywood's elite when it comes to her earnings. Kristen earned a whopping $20 million from May 2010 - May 2011. Most of her income success is due to her Twilight earnings, with her other film The Runaways only earning $4.6 million.

Kristen takes films that have meaning to her and that she cares deeply about. She isn't going to sellout just to make a dollar. I have to say this is the one thing I love most about Kristen. This sets her apart from most of the actors in her age group. She acts for the art of acting, not for the paycheck (which who could help but to love the money.)

Seriously have you ever wondered...what does she spend her money on? As far as we know, she doesn't have a place of her own, she doesn't have a fleet of cars or a flashy where does the money go? What do you think Kristen spends her hard earned money on? Maybe she spends it all on those extra flights to visit her handsome hunk on set ;)

{via Forbes}


  1. Welcome to the Riley's was my favorite. Very moving.

  2. She was amazing in that...I think the only bad thing about that movie, especially for fans who were on the fence about kristen...that movie sort of ruined their image of her and hooker Stew would forever be burned into their brain. Ridiculous I know...but I guess you could look at it this way, her acting was so convincing that people assume that is who she is in real life, which all of us kristen fans know is BS.

  3. Anyone who can't tell the difference between acting and a real person, is not worth the time of day. I do appreciate Kristen's acting. I liked The Runaways. She was the perfect choice for Joan Jett.