Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OFFICIAL Breaking Dawn Poster w/The Cullens + Jacob

How sweet of the Cullens to let their pet dog in the picture! HA HA WHOA there, just kidding Jake fans. Some of the fans who attended Comic Con were lucky enough to get this poster as a gift from Summit and some of them posted their pics online, but now we have the HD version for your viewing pleasure.

So what do you think about the new looks for all of the characters? Not too shabby...just wish that Summit would dip a little deeper into their pockets for these promos. They always seem so cheesy. Let me know your thoughts...comment below!


  1. I completely agree! The posters always seem cheesy and cheap....why not spend the money on great promos rather then just good ones?

  2. I think about it this way...if this were a movie I just "liked" vs one that Im obsessed with...I would think this is total crap, but because i love the cast so much its just ok ya know