Friday, July 22, 2011

Topic of the Day: Rob's Hair

San Diego Comic Con proved itself to be one of the greatest days for Twi fans everywhere. The infamous trio, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor, showed up to Hall H with a mass of fans waiting. Rob showed up but the other half of his hair forgot to attend!

His hair was completely hilarious and even more funnier, he didn't seem to mind it at all. He could have tossed on a cap or a beanie, but not Rob...he dares to be different. I have gotten an enormous amount of response on the lopsided do he showed up with. So the biggest question on everyone's mind...what happened to his sexy mane?

Rest assured ladies, its for a movie! Rob just finished filming Cosmopolis last Friday and obviously there is a scene in the film where his head gets shaved, but why hasn't he fixed it yet? Maybe its in case he has to do re-shoots or do some finishing touches on the film.

Does hair really make the man? Were you repulsed by Rob's new quaff or does it matter what his hair looks like? Still sexy or call me when you meet a pair of clippers? For me...Rob could have his hair in style...wouldn't make a difference :) But seriously though, hurry and fix it so it can grow back out


  1. looks awful! hope he'll change it soon...

  2. i still think hes hot...bad hair..but hottttt!!!:)

  3. Yes I agree...there isnt a lot he could do to make himself ugly

  4. he looks like he's trying to be Em Watson