Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Premiere Party Tips

According to my countdown, we have a mere 89 days left until we are reunited with Bella and Edward and the rest of the Twilight family. I didn't actually join the fandom until after I saw Twilight, but after that...I was hooked. Naturally when New Moon and Eclipse were released in theaters....we celebrated with our premiere parties.

Premiere parties are one the best parts to the actual release of the movie. Its something to celebrate and its probably one of the few places you can wear an I heart Edward shirt without getting strange looks like "there goes one of those Twilight girls." Now, as the timer counts down, it is time to start planning and making sure you make your Breaking Dawn premiere party the best thing since Edward and Bella's wedding!

I have decided that each week I am going to help some of you guys out (or you can help me out as well) with some great Breaking Dawn party tips. I remember when I was planning for Eclipse, I was constantly looking for ideas. This way, TwilightBlog will be your one stop shop for all of your party planning ideas! I'll include all kinds of planning tips so we can make this the best release to date! Once the movie is released, we want to know ALL about your great night and what makes YOU the biggest Breaking Dawn fan!

Your ideas are welcomed as well, so send us an email if you have a fabulous premiere party idea and we will post it! Email your ideas to I have included some personal pictures of my Eclipse party for you guys to enjoy! Happy Planning!

*And if you are wondering...yes, that book is a cake! Thank you Jennifer Graham for your beautiful work!*