Monday, August 29, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Premiere Party Tips: The Setting

Whether you are a a party guru like Alice and Esme or could care less like Bella, there are plenty of ways to transform your space into your own personal Twi-land. Setting the scene for your party is what will make it a night to remember.

The easiest and most obvious choice would be to set up your space to reflect Bella and Edward's wedding. Tons of flowers and twinkle lights will do the trick. To make it even more special, you and your friends could dress in your best formal wear to keep with Cullen tradition. This is a more classy and formal option and also probably not the greatest if you are on a tight budget.

The wedding was great...but the honeymoon was better! Bring Isle of Esme right into your very own living room. Dress up your space in an island theme with tropical flowers (fake ones of course, this isn't a wedding) and grass skirts. Let your table resemble the beautiful beach, covered in sand and shells, surrounded with candles. Have your guest dress in super bright colors, feather boas, and anything flashy to represent the Carnival in Rio. Most importantly...don't forget the feathers! It wouldn't be a honeymoon without them!

A more traditional approach would be to convert your party area to good ol' Forks. Lots of greenery and don't forget the umbrellas. Last year for my Eclipse party, I went out and bought umbrellas at the dollar store, flipped them upside down and hung them from the ceiling. Super cheap, but very very cute! If you have a fog machine, this would be a good time to put it to use. Make your own signs like, "Werewolves Welcomed." The possibilities are endless! Be creative! Have your guest dress like their favorite characters or make Team Werewolf/Team Vampire buttons for everyone to wear. Its always important to know where your enemies are at all times ;)

Be creative! Use your imagination and bring Twi-land to your home anyway you want. Make it fun and get everyone involved. Time and budget are always factors, so decide now while you have time and HAPPY PLANNING!

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