Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Earthquake? Or Just A Friendly Cullen Baseball Game?

Today the East Coast was shocked with a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia (where co-founder Tara is from and where her family still resides, and three hours from where co-founder Daryl lives) and was felt as far north as New York and as far south as North Carolina (where I live!) We couldn't decide what was going on...personally I thought it could have been a vampire baseball game that we didn't know about!

I instantly thought to myself, "This is it! And I haven't even gotten to see Breaking Dawn yet!" So I am dedicating this post to mother nature in hopes she can hold off on all natural disasters until after November 18th! In the meantime, I want to know from all of you...what are your Breaking Dawn plans? Are you going to be out in force with all of the other Twi-hards at midnight or will you be catching it once the excitement dies down? Any premiere parties planned?

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  1. It was felt where I work in North Carolina too.