Monday, August 22, 2011

RPattz Uncomfortable During 'Breaking Dawn' Scenes

Robert PattinsonWhile filming Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson admitted he felt awkward pretending to be intimate on screen - keyword pretending (haha). I'm sure a lot of you Pattinson fans feel like it would have been cake if you were in Kristen Stewart's place (I know I do!).

In a recent interview, when asked about filming the sexy moments, Pattinson said "I felt very uncomfortable." I can totally see where he is coming from, because I'm sure it would be hard for me to film scenes like this without feeling a little awkward, knowing millions of people will be seeing it.

No matter how nervous Robert was, I'm sure these scenes, and others are going to be great. We are looking forward to everything about this movie!

{via gather Celebs}

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  1. well yeah who wouldn't feel just a little bit weird? billions of people watching you......;.