Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Twilight' Star Debuts Clothing Line!

Just when you thought the stars of the Twilight Saga were talented at acting, one of them goes and creates a clothing line! Yes, Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), debuted his fall collection last week and I must say it looks like something both he and Emmett could rock!

The line is called Abbot + Main and it is being sold at Nordstrom stores. The line is described as, "casual wear featuring dudes hoodies, henleys, and graphic tees in neutral whites, blacks, and grays." {via MTV}.

Any of you die-hard fans going to add some A+M to your wardrobe? The line looks great, but for his next collection, I hope there are some options for us female fans; Am I right ladies?!

{Via MTV & WWD}


  1. I'll buy the shirt if Kellan's in it.

  2. True Kellan Story. Last night the hubs was watching wrastling on TV and they were talking about Summer Slam. I lit'rally gasped when they showed Kellan. Hubs was all like "what???" but he never found out. tee hee