Sunday, September 18, 2011

BD BOOK TO MOVIE: Introduction

Ok guys, it has been a while since my last post but I am gearing up for the premiere we have all been waiting for.....Breaking Dawn Part 1!!  November is just around the corner and to start things off, I am beginning a post about major plot points in the book that I, personally, would like covered.  I will also be elaborating on each plot point and sharing what I think should or should not be left out of the book.  I would really appreciate some feedback on this.  Which plot points would you like to see left in the book?  Which ones can you not live without?  I will post each week about a different point.  I am really excited about doing this, it will hopefully motivate each of you to dig deep into the Breaking Dawn book (if you are not already rereading it, as I am) and find the little things you wish or do not wish to be included in the movies.  Thank each of you in advance for your support as I navigate through this series of posts. 


  1. Any moments with Charlie are wonderful, and I hope aren't left out at all.

    More importantly, I hope that the themes aren't changed. That's the real reason people enjoy Twilight, so I hope SuperJessica and Suddenly-Give-A-Damn-Renee don't show up again; they undermined the themes of Eclipse more than enough. I understand Melissa's desire for strong female characters, but making the ditzes of Twilight into valedictorian and mother-of-the-year makes Bella's accomplishments seem merely par for the course. And going from clumsy, unloved teenager to vampire goddess ruler of the world shouldn't be merely on par.

  2. I have read and analyzed this book sooooo much its falling out of the binding :)

  3. I hope they don't skip the part where Bella finds out the car is missile and tank prof.