Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brand New Wolf Pack Stills From 'Breaking Dawn'

Everyone that reads my posts knows that I am 110% Team Vampire...but I am a Twilight fan first and foremost and enjoy ALL things Breaking Dawn, even wolfie things. 5 new Breaking Dawn stills have been released of Jake and his renegade pack, Seth and Leah.

Honestly, I am pretty excited to see these two have a more prominent part, especially little Boo Boo (Seth.) I am hearing great things about him. But let's not forget Julia Jones (Leah) who looks pretty bad ass in these pics. I don't believe any vampire will be crossing her path anytime soon.

Taylor Lautner (Jacob) seemed to only appear in one of the stills. Given how much I despise Jacob, I do have a soft spot for him in this installment. Could you imagine how hard it would be to sit back and just watch your best friend die and you can do nothing about it. Poor guy...someone give him a chew toy lol had to throw that in there :)

{Via SND}

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