Friday, September 23, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Premiere Party Tips: The Wardrobe

There is absolutely NO WAY you should ever walk into the movie theater at the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn without sporting some kind of Twilight gear. It would be like walking into graduation with no cap and gown...just cannot be done! Question is, what do you wear?

When it comes to Twilight gear, the options are endless! You can walk into just about any department store and find a t-shirt related to Twilight. Hot Topic in particular usually keeps a healthy stock of all things Twilight! You can also find all sorts of Twilight gear from necklaces, name it! This could be pricy, depending on where you go, but its definitely the most convenient choice.

As for me and my friends, last year for the Eclipse premiere we all made our own shirts. It took a lot of time but it was something fun to do together and allowed us to get creative. Have fun with it! Take your favorite quote from the book and use iron on letters on a shirt or photoshop your beautiful face into Bella's and you can be the girl on Edward's arm. Last year for my shirt, I was lucky enough to find an adorable penguin iron on and I purchased some iron on letters and simply placed "Penguins. Lovely." underneath the penguin character. It was simple and adorable! Depending on how much you are willing to invest, this can get pricy but its worth it! Visit your local craft store like AC Moore and see what you can come up with.

Maybe you lack the creative bone in your body to come up with an awesome homemade shirt idea, but you still want something custom and unique. There are tons of websites where you can customize your shirts, hats, purses, and basically anything. CafePress is a great site to create all of your awesome Twilight gear. The prices are reasonable and having used them myself, the products are great. And these guys are ALL about Twilight!

The most die hard fans take their Twilight wardrobe to the next level by actually portraying a character. Last year I saw several Alice look-a-likes and a few Edwards. It was awesome! Some folks were sporting their vampire teeth and pale faces. It was almost like Halloween and I really enjoyed seeing people so into the fandom! Obviously this route will take time and money and of course a creative mind. You can check out Twilight Costume Headquarters for some awesome ideas!

Since some of us are Team Edward (vampire) and some of us are Team Jacob (werewolf), my friends and I decided to show our team colors on our wardrobe. I think we may have even had a Team have to admit he is pretty smoking hot! The key is to have fun with the night. Its the one night we get to be all fangirl crazy without being looked at like a weird Twilight nerd. Also, don't forget the camera! Take a load of pics and send them in! We love seeing everyone hyped up about Breaking Dawn!

Do you have any creative and cool ideas? Have any pictures you want to send in? Email us at we will get them posted on the site for you to share with everyone! Happy planning!

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