Sunday, September 11, 2011

HQ Screen Caps of Kristen Stewart in "I Was Broken" Video

Thanks Strictly Robsten we have wonderful HQ screen caps of Kristen Stewart's video debut appearance in Marcus Foster's new video, "I Was Broken." For those of you not living on planet earth, Marcus Foster is one of Rob's closest mates and what other way to make your video a hit than by featuring your friend's hot girlfriend in it?!

Kristen looks absolutely amazing. Simple but extremely beautiful. Good choice Marcus!

There are way too many to post so here are a few and you can see the others here at Strictly Robsten

{via Strictly Robsten}


  1. I watched the video and it's a nice song but I think (and with true honesty, not just because I'm a huge fan) that Rob sings it much better. The depth of feeling and heart that he puts into it blew me away.

  2. I love Rob's version too but if Im being honest...its a close tie for me. But I really like Marcus Foster's music