Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rob Spotted At LAX After London Vay-cay

Rob took some much needed time off and headed straight to London. To see his family? To see his leading lady? Or did he just miss London? I am sure he made time for all three! Rob and Kristen were spotted all over London with Rob's friends and also just hanging out alone.

Currently Kristen is in London filming her upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman and she has been hard at work for a couple of months. Everyone in the fandom is assuming that Rob has other work obligations in LA due to the fact it took him almost a month to follow his beloved across the pond and also because he only stuck around for two weeks. He was spotted arriving at LAX today. What is Rob working on now? A movie? His music? Other than rumored movies there isn't really any projects that he is slated to be working on. So hopefully he is getting the time to work on his music, which it is no secret, is where his real passion lies.

No worries Robsten fans...the two will be together again soon as they begin to promote Breaking Dawn. I know all of the Twi fans out there are really hoping for another great Robsten shoot like Vanity Fair. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Let's keep them crossed even tighter that Rob isn't following in TomStu's footsteps by growing a ferret on his face. Oh who am I kidding we would love him no matter!

{via Robstenation}

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