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So here's a recap:  Bella and Edward are married, they have consummated their union, Bella became rapidly pregnant and after around a month, gave birth to a baby girl.  Bella's life now hangs in the balance as Edward, after delivering their baby, injected vampire venom into Bella's heart to keep her from dying.  I like the way the previews give you a little bit of the way this part was filmed:  from Bella's perspective.  All the faces that surround Bella as she is struggling to give birth as well as stay alive.  Considering this movie is rated PG-13, I guess this is the best way to keep from freaking out the younger audience members.  Although, I would appreciate the detail that the book gives, not only in this scene but the honeymoon scene too!

FYI:  Since I am not 100% sure where part 1 will end and part 2 will begin, I am covering the entire book in this series of posts...just to make sure everything is covered. 
After giving birth, Bella's heart stopped beating for a bit.  Jacob, thinking she was dead, instantly felt the connection between Bella and himself break.  He had his mind made up:  he was going to kill the vampire demon that killed the love of his life.  Then something strange happened.  Jacob, through the tears and pain and loss for Bella as well as the anger and hatred towards the baby that took Bella's life, was now held to the planet by one thing:  Renesmee!  WOW!  What a twist to the story.  Bella and Jacob knew they were destined to be tied to one another in one way or another but this way is not what either of them had planned.

Meanwhile......upstairs, Bella was burning.  Trapped inside her body, fighting against the darkness that is closing in, fighting to keep her heart beating for Jacob, Edward, and now Renesmee.  She holds everything in and struggles to keep from screaming because she doesn't want to alarm or frighten she continues to burn silently.  How this will be played on screen, I do not know.  Will Bella have a inner monologue so that we can hear how she is feeling inside?  Or will this part be lost altogether?  The book describes her pain in such a way that it has to somehow be brought to the screen. 

Two days later....Alice could see that Bella was about to wake so she gathers the Cullens around her bedside.  Bella can hear clearly now, she can sense things that she never could before.  She knows what she is now.  When Edward touches her for the first time, not feeling cold like before, she was alarmed.  She was immediately in a defensive crouch.  Bella has this overwhelming sense of control.  She can control what she is doing more than any other newborn vampire before her.  The Cullens do not understand it.  Edward is impressed.  Jasper of course is taken back because he is anticipating her breaking point at any second.  How many minutes of the movie will focus on the new Bella?  I want to feel like I am in that room when Bella wakes.  I want to feel the red eyes burning into me.  I want to feel the insecurity of her washing away.  I want to see the love and adoration that Edward feels toward her now that she is unbreakable.  Most importantly, I want to feel the satisfaction that Bella does as she realizes that the emotions she feared that would be lost in this new life are still there and stronger than ever. 

Now the new, stronger Bella has to control more than her emotions, she has to control her instincts as well as her physical strength!  She can hurt Edward now.  How different this is going to be.  After controlling herself after a long and passionate kiss from Edward, Bella wants to see her daughter.  The Cullens make Bella more nervous by telling her how they expect she will be.  She doesn't feel that way at all.  She feels she can control herself.  But just in case, she decides to hunt with Edward before seeing Renesmee.  This part should be interesting to see on screen!  Bella the vampire hunting for the first time.  I do hope this is not lost.  Lots of time needs to be put into the new Bella. 

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