Monday, October 3, 2011


This particular post is easy to write about...the infamous wedding! O how we have waited for this day. There are parts of the book that I would love to see portrayed on film with this particular event. The preparation for the wedding: decorations, getting dressed, and most importantly, Rosalie doing Bella's hair. I hope the producers put a little time into that. I want to be able to feel the anxiety as Bella prepares to walk down that isle and marry the man of her dreams. I want to almost smell the overwhelming aroma of fresh flowers and feel the eyes of the friends and family who have come to witness this blessed event. I will not settle for less than that. Stephanie deserves for this portion of the book to be brilliant on screen. After the wedding, I want to see the introductions between Bella and her new extended family, the Denali clan. When Edward introduces her as "his wife" and "my Bella" to Tanya, Bella's worst "nightmare", I want chills! I want to see Angela catch the bouquet and Mike the garter. Hearing Edward call Bella Mrs. Cullen for the first time is sure to spark emotion from all of the true Team Edward fans out there! But just for those silly Team Jacob fans, Jacob does have his interruption at the wedding that should not be forgotten. The saddness, the tension, the anxiety, the love, that bursts from that dance between Bella and Jacob is something not to be missed. But that soon turns into rage, as Jacob discovers Bella's intentions for the honeymoon. The argument, the laying of hands, Bella's reaction, the vampires reaction, the wolves reaction, are all things that play a part in Bella's strength. Strength to love and let go at the same time. The way Jacob leaves, says something to me. Seth with encouraging, soft words, Sam (in wolf form) pushing him with his head, Edward baring his teeth, Bella with a shocked expression, and Jacob yelling death threats to Edward. What an intense scene that could be. That is if the writers didn't omit it from the movie. And lastly, there are the goodbyes. Bella takes the goodbyes very well because she knows she has made the right choice for herself. She has (to quote a line in Eclipse) "chosen her life" now she wants to start living it. Good for her. Charlie in tears is a hard pill to swallow but she does it triumphantly! Finally she is Mrs. Cullen and Edward is "hers!"

Watching the trailers to Part 1 of Breaking Dawn, thrills my soul. I love seeing the little clips of the wedding, the guests, and Bella's beauty as she joins the Cullen family. I have watched the second trailer at least a thousand times, searching for more each time. November cannot get here fast enough. I have lots of anxiety but I am 100% confident that they will get it right. The fans deserve this. They deserve perfection!

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  1. Just bought my ticket -- theater in my town is doing a TWILIGHT MARATHON starting at 3:45 on Nov 17 and showing the first 3 movies followed by BD Part 1 at midnight! SO EXCITED!!