Monday, October 10, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' LA Premiere Sweepstakes

Recently we had a reader write in and ask if we knew of any contest to win Breaking Dawn Premiere tickets. I did a little research for you guys and figured this could be your one stop shop for all of the contests (I could find anyway).

Most of these are still going for a couple of weeks so hurry up and get your entries in. Also, most of them you can enter more than once so get to clicking! Good Luck!

Time Warner - Just simply like their Facebook page to enter (Ends Oct 24th)

Glamour - Same thing here, just like their Facebook page (Ends Oct 20th)

fyeguy - Like the page to enter (Ends Oct 23rd)

Teen Vogue - Simply fill out info to enter (Ends Oct 28th)

InStyle - Like their Facebook page to enter (Ends Oct 13th)

That's all I have for now...if I come across anymore I will post it ASAP! So now since I have helped you...if you win I must be your +1 ;)

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