Sunday, October 16, 2011

Breaking Dawn Premiere Party Tips: Favors

Need some ideas for the perfect party favor for your favorite Twi-hard guests? The possibilities are endless and depending upon how much money and time you want to put into this, you can really make sure they have a special Breaking Dawn Premiere night!

If your budget is tight and you don't really have a lot of time but you still want to give your guests something to take home, maybe you could do a mixed CD of songs from all of the Twilight movies and even throwing in some of the new ones from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. This is a cool gift idea because they can rock out to Florence and the Machine while driving down the road and reliving the great night you guys had when you saw Edward and Bella tie the knot!

Want to make your night feel like the LA Premiere? Custom make Breaking Dawn lanyards for your guests to wear so they can feel like VIP attending a big Hollywood premiere. Make it a team thing and specially create ones for Team Edward and Team Jacob. Have fun with it.

Favor bags are always a great way to go, but what do you put in them? Pick different things from the saga that stand out to you and fill them up! Use your imagination. Maybe you can purchase some mini first aid kits for those pesky little paper cuts or maybe you can go by bottles of Strawberry scented shampoo so you can smell as good as Bella does to Edward.

If you don't have time to put together much but want to make sure your guests have something to walk away with. Head over to Cafe Press and custom make your own Breaking Dawn buttons, shirts, mugs, and anything else you can think of. This could get pricey but it would be worth it to make sure your friends had a wonderful night!

Another idea which is also cost effective, I went to the local dollar store and purchased umbrellas for everyone and also bought some of those plastic vampire teeth. Everyone needs an umbrella in Forks and you can't go anywhere without your fangs!

Most important part, HAVE FUN! This is a fun night and as I have said a million times, its the one night where you get to fangirl like crazy without being one of those Twilight nerds! Be creative and of course please don't forget to send in LOTS of pictures!

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