Friday, October 28, 2011

Sibling Love: Rob & Ashley Touring For Breaking Dawn Promo

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene have been in leaving their mark all over Europe this week. The two are promoting Breaking Dawn side by side, city after city. Question is, where is everyone else?

Rob and Ashley have been doing fan events in Brussels, Paris, and Sweden sans cast members. They have answered tons of questions and of course in normal Rob fashion...there has been word vomit all over the place. We know how he gets when he doesn't get enough sleep. How this boy been able to keep this relationship under wraps for as long as he has I don't know. He made a point to let fans know he is ENGLISH...THE ENGLISH BOYFRIEND that is! Ashley has been great also and she has looked absolutely flawless at every event. Its good to see some of the other cast members get some of the spotlight...especially Ashley, she is one of my faves!

Heavy promo will begin in the next few days as Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are all three set to be in LA for the hand/footprint ceremony. How great will it be to see our favorite couple finally together. Kristen has been working hard on Snow White and the Huntsman in England while Rob is out pimping their latest film. Hopefully the interviews with all of the cast will start to flow in before long.

Speaking of great interviews, as a Twi-hard and a Robsten shipper, I am heavily depending on the great and powerful Joshua Horowitz with MTV News to get a GRRRRRREAT interview with Rob, Kristen, & Taylor together :) We all know you are a Robsten shipper Josh...just admit it!




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