Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stars You Maybe Didn't Know Auditioned for 'Twilight'

I know we all think everyone they chose for the roles in Twilight is perfect! But the question is, did we even really know who auditioned for them to begin with? After seeing the list below, I still think the cast is perfect, but it's definitely interesting to think of what could have been!

Jennifer Lawrence
Auditioned for: Bella Swan
Background: Before Lawrence looked stunning in her red dress at the 2011 Academy Awards, she was an actress-with-potential knocking around Hollywood auditions. A fan of novels, Lawrence said, "I love the 'Twilight' books. I'm note even ashamed to say it, they are like methamphetamine to me. So when I heard Kristin Stewart say, "I only read the first one," I was like, "Oh man," because she wasn't a huge fan of the books."

Dustin Milligan
Auditioned for:Edward Cullen
Background: Milligan was one of the other forgotten three Edwards that Stewart quickly forgot about. He told, "I did my best Edward Cullen. But unfortunately, I didn't have a British accent. So I didn't get the job!" He's joking, but I think he's using humor to mask his pain. "It's like, boom!" Dustin said, describing how people react when hearing Robert's British accent. "Ladies love that. Melt."

Vanessa Hudgens
Auditioned for: Leah Clearwater
Background: The "High School Musical" star was in the lead for this tough-as-werewolf-claws role during casting for "new Moon." Her pal Ashley Greene even enthused in an interview, "I think she'd be great." Apparently, this fell apart when Hudgens learned Leah, the only known female shapeshifter, wouldn't appear until "Eclipse."

Lucy Hale
Auditioned for: Jane
Background: When you watch the "Planet Earth" Series, it's an odd feeling seeing the seal swimming desperately away from he great white shark. You know it's going to die, but it doesn't know that. I bet that's the same feeling that producers had when "Privileged" star Lucy Hale read against Dakota Fanning for the role of Jane.

Michael Welch
Auditioned for: Edward Cullen and "pretty much every role"
Background: This is another WTF audition. Welch even admitted as much to MTV: "As much as I appreciate my representatives thinking that I could pull off hauntingly beautiful - the most gorgeous creature you will ever see on the planet - it's not quite me...Then I auditioned for the role of Eric...I auditioned for pretty much ever role before [being cast as] Mike.

Michael Copon
Auditioned for: Bigger Jacob Black
Background: When producers began working on "New Moon," They weren't sure Taylor Lautner could turn his skinny torso into a whole lotta sexy wolf muscles. So they began shopping around for a Bigger Jacob Black. At the top of their list was "Scorpion King 2" start Michael Copon.

Oh my gosh!! All this was so interesting. To see more stars you may not have known auditioned for roles visit


  1. I think Jenifer could have made a good Bella and I think Vanessa would have made a better Leah Clearwater but no one else on this list