Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Twilight' Trio Confirmed for LA Twicon!

Technically we all knew they would come but when it takes forever to get confirmation, I tend to get antsy. The guest list for the LA Twi-Con was released and Kristen, Rob, & Taylor along with the entire Cullen clan with the exception of Kellan. What a bummer...I love Kellan but Jackson will definitely suffice.

Julia Jones and Boo Boo Stewart will be in attendance as well. Wolfies need some representation too! This is the biggest event of each movie release and is pretty much the only event to get them all in one place (besides the premiere). In other words, who is taking me with them? HA HA

I have to admit, I feel so horrible for ever making fun of Trekkie fans who went to conventions. I would almost promise my first born for a ticket! Hey...I said almost ;) However, we will keep you posted on everything that stems from this event. Stay tuned!

{via TwilightLexiCon}

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