Thursday, November 3, 2011


When Bella finally feeds for the first time and calms all of the Cullens' anxieties down a little, she wants to see Renesmee, who is with Jacob.  Bella is confused by this.  As she is approaching her daughter for the first time, Bella sees who exactly is protecting her:  Rosalie of course and Jacob.  At first Bella thought Jacob was protecting her from herself and protecting another human, as is Jacob's job.  She holds her baby, and watches as Jacob stares beyond Bella, to Renesmee.  She then she comes to a realization all on her own:  Jacob LOVES Renesmee, her daughter.  Much more than he should.  The moment that each of the Cullens had been anticipating had arrived.  Bella was going to be the newborn that she was expected to be.  Everyone reacts at the same time:  Jacob took Renesmee away from Bella and immediately gave her to Rose, Edward restrains Bella, Jasper prepares for damage control.  After yelling at Jacob for a few minutes, everyone began murmurring about how Bella did not attack Jacob yet.  She must have more control than they gave her credit for.  Then it happens:  Jacob tells Bella that "Nessie" likes him too!  That did it!  I honestly do not know if I would like someone calling my daughter something after a Loch Ness Monster either! Poor Seth...collateral damage.  Broken collarbone and shoulder.  Wow Bella, can't control your strength! 
After hearing stories of how much Renesmee loves and adores Jacob, Bella finally realizes that she can't do anything about this...even if she wanted to.  So she accepts it, for now.  What a scene!  Bella finally enraged enough to fight Jacob, of all people.  The last time she attacked Jacob, she sprained her wrist!  Now she could have killed him.  This is why I want, in Part 1 of Breaking Dawn, to give a little more background on imprinting.  The viewer (who has not read) does not understand that imprinting is not a perverted thing of an adult loathing after an infant.  It is more than that.  It is a love that only a parent or guardian or someone can feel for a baby, a protector, a chaperone, anything that she needs him to be.  Then when she gets older, they will take on a new relationship.  Jacob made an excellent point..."Do you think Edward would have let me live this long if I felt that way about Renesmee?"  Edward can read his thoughts, so he knows better than anyone.  And Edward seemed less aggressive about it at least!  Jacob and Bella knew that they were meant to be in each other's lives but Bella didn't expect Jacob to be her son in law!  Haha.  That is funny.  The stars are at least finally alligned and each person has a mate...for now.

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