Monday, November 21, 2011

'Breaking Dawn': Pros & Cons

One of my friends wrote this up, thought you all might be interested to read and discuss it! Enjoy.


- The action scenes are decent. It doesn't look forced. I could feel the tension between the vampires and werewolves, and the thrill of chasing your quarry through the forest is something that I've always enjoyed.

- The love story. I believe that many people can identify with Bella's struggle. Take away the fact that one is a werewolf and the other is a vampire, and you've got a drama that many people face on a daily basis. Edward, the nice guy, loves her. Jacob, the more demanding and pessimistic one, loves her as well. She can see the positives and negatives in both of them. You're lying to yourself if you've never felt like there were two people who were totally different but you liked them, regardless.

- The plot is somewhat refreshing. It's not mindless violence. It's the pride and desire for both kinds to be dominant. The vampires want a place to call "Home". The werewolves believe that the Vampires are a curse and an eyesore. In turn, the vampires don't like the werewolves because of their "bullying", for lack of a better term. Some of the vampires also throw a type of third faction in the mix, making for an interesting war of sorts.


- The acting. It isn't the best in the world. I usually find myself emotionally attached to good drama, but I can do little more than identify with Bella's situation because of how poorly their intensity is executed. Edward could serve to be a bit more enigmatic in character. He could also use a bit of backbone when in scenes that involve Bella's protests. But he gives in far too easily, and far softer than a vampire should.

- The scenery. People are idiots for not realizing that they're vampires. Could have been executed far better to at least bring more of an edgy feel to the movie. Things flow way too smoothly for vampires, humans, and werewolves coexisting so closely. Has no one noticed how convenient it is for Edward to be around, or how Jacob is always hot to the touch? Red flag, anyone?

- The books. Don't get me wrong - they're decent. But I would rather read the book than watch the movie. I think that it's a unique spin to add the "sparkle" factor to the vampires. Every movie has done vampires the same way. I found myself saying "Huh. Something new." when Edward revealed his skin to the sunlight. No one said anything about it being how true or false vampires are supposed to be. They simply introduced a characteristic that they wanted. I can understand that it was unsettling to vampire lovers, but it wasn't as big a deal as people made it. If all you see is a glittering vampire and suddenly hate the movie? Then in my opinion, you're limiting yourself.

Overall - I'd give the movie an 8 out of 10. It's not the best movie in the world, but it definitely isn't the worst. Watch a movie like "Hissss" on Netflix, and I guarantee you'll want to go back to Twilight. Or even "Stripperland", for that matter. All in all, it serves its purpose. It doesn't claim to be Queen of the Damned or Interview with a Vampire, so I believe that people should stop trying to compare them like they are.

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