Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breaking Dawn UK Premiere

The Twilight Trio, Taylor, Kristen, and Rob, quickly jetted off to London after the premiere of Breaking Dawn in LA Monday night. Tonight the three will be dazzling us once again on the red (or black) carpet for the UK premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I must say that the LA premiere was my favorite of all. These guys are getting so good with the press and they are amazing to their fans. In LA, the three of them showed up an hour and a half earlier just to make sure they had time to sign for the fans. They are the most gracious young actors in Hollywood today, in my opinion.

Hopefully tonight Kristen will definitely be walking the red carpet with her cast members. She had not been slated to attend, but rumor has it, she will be there. She is still in London tolling away on her latest film, SWATH. Another movie I am too excited for!

Couldn't catch a plane across the pond, but wanna see your favorite stars? will be hosting a LIVE stream of the event here.

Midnight tomorrow is so close I can smell it! Cannot wait!

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